HP 2.2GHz Slimline Computer with Windows 7 Home Premium

Why does UTAH consistently order the most krap from woot? They must have endless amounts of money that they don’t know what to do with.

Did I answer my own q?

At this price point it is disposable, use it a year or two, then dispose of it and woot again :slight_smile:

Mormons and the Jazz like affordable electronics.

Has thou experienced the joys of the All-in-ones? Or the pico-itx computers??

Same here. HP extended the warranties 'till Dec. 2009 because of motherboard problems. One of my customers had two motherboards replaced under the extended warranty. I had another one last week, but the warranty had expired. He junked it.

i just wonder…did they actually have 745 avail that they sold?? !! if not, what happens?

If we do happen to miscount on any of our sales, we will send out an email to the last however many people we’re short on expressing our condolences after having already cancelled and refunded the order (usually we’ll send an apology coupon too). I do not think you will have to worry about that on this item though.

4got 2 ask but do u ship 2 PO Box? cuz that’s what i have! Thanx, Darren

Are these gonna ship today?

We do typically ship to PO Box addresses so bring it on! :slight_smile:

On some things though we will need a physical address and we will send an email to the email address on file requesting it if it is needed so if you’re in doubt, just watch your inbox. If you hear nothing, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

Any update on the shipping? It has been 5 days and no tracking #.

well i wasn’t sure since it’s a PC?! Like a few other have asked…when do u think it’ll ship?

still waiting…i am using 7RC so i really need a comp…

DVD drive hasn’t worked since arrival. HP won’t replace.

so u got yours huh?? still waiting…

Because you provided a PO Box address, your order cannot be shipped by our supplier. Instead, the supplier is shipping your unit to us so that we may have the order shipped from our location by SmartPost. As soon as your order has been shipped, the tracking will update on your account and the information will be emailed to you.

thanx 4 the info but would almost rather get a refund if it’s going 2 b more than 2 more weeks!

says has shipped…didn’t know FedEx could ship 2 PO Box!!!

i love my slimline computer…

Almost three months of since I bought it and wow - what a disappointment. First, it arrived with a broken DVD drive and HP shipped me a new one and I had to replace it. Then I installed Windows 7 Professional, upgrading from the Home Premium version that it shipped with, and HP absolutely refused to help with reinstalling any HP drivers and utilities - saying that it was not the operating system that was shipped with the system. So I’m not supposed to upgrade the operating system to a full version of Windows 7? Finally, today the front USB ports broke - a small plastic part came out. It has four more days on the 90 day warranty, and they tried to make me pay almost $50 to have a new one shipped to me, saying it was “accidental damage.” Since when does normal use (plug in…remove plug) is “accidental damage?” I’ve been using PCs since the dawn of time and this has never happened! Fortunately the tech and his supervisor waved the cost and are shipping it today. So based on this experience, I’m NEVER buying another HP computer again - too bad they are buying from the lowest bidder without keeping an eye on quality control. I expected a rebuilt system to at least hold together for more than a few months.