HP 2.2GHz Slimline Computer with Windows 7 Home Premium

This machine is the single most painful thing to upgrade in the known universe. I ended up taking the whole thing apart and sticking it inside a new computer chassis because it’s like performing surgery within the space of a couple centimeters… difficult and annoying.
I found it to be only good for office use; no resource intense or gaming anything.

Simply no.
The integrated video chip-set is unsupported and is an absolute nightmare to upgrade. You may wish to seek a stronger PC elsewhere…

Not a bad deal…

WHy did they put a 64bit OS on a system that has 2 gigs of ram?

1 * HP S5213W 2.2GHz, 4GB DDR2, 320GB SATA, SuperMulti DVD, Windows 7 Home Premium (64bit)

I have never spoken against woot. But buying this would make me a tool. Being a computer tech I can’t just sit around and not say anything. Here is the problems with this machine.
Not daul core.
Small power supply.
Small case, not much room to move air around because of cables and such in the way.
If you can upgrade the video card, there isn’t enough power supply to push it, and the power supply is propritary to the case.
I really don’t think this is a good deal at all, there is to many pc’s for a few bucks more, that will walk all over this machine.
Here is a quad Asus Essentio CM5570 Core 2 Quad Q8200 2.33GHz 6GB 750GB
DVD±RW DL GeForce 8400GS Vista Home Premium w/HDMI for 399.00 and it will walk all over this machine and give you change.

200% agree - great 2nd computer - I bought a new HP similar to this at nearly twice the price (Windows Vista) for my father-in-law.
He only does email, surfing, and occasional Youtube.com. The small form factor is good for the living room/den deployment.

Lastly, have you priced any Windows 7 PREMIUM 64-bit system lately? The software alone is like $199 MSRP. At $289, you really have no right to whine about the AMD Sempron in this system.

I hate how woot posts the ghz going through the processor as part of the item’s name.

That really tells us absolutely nothing without finding out what processor its using.

I know they list it as a sempron on the bottom, but thats just bad layout.

Oh ya, this is a terrible processor, I can’t say I recommend this deal to anyone

i have 3 hp refurbs. all running fine.

I didn’t just make those numbers up. I checked the price of the memory and the hard drive at pricewatch.com. Best price for Infineon ddr2-800 pc2-6400 2gb, which is what HP usually uses, is $42. 320gb SATA hard drive is $45. That’s $129 right now.

A regular full version of Windows Home Premium is $180 at Amazon.com. Newegg sells the OEM version for $105. I wasn’t assuming full price.

I had HP [Compaq presario] Desktop that lasted for about a year after which I had many problems with the unit. At the same time I bought HP pavillion dv9000 laptop with 17" monitor. The laptop battery capcaity went down to 47% in 1 year. Further, a thin coating around the laptop screen edges started to come off and I cannot close the laptop lid properly.

My other laptop (IBM Thinkpad T43) is running with no issues for last 3 years or so. Will never purchase HP computers - quality is a basic issue with HP.

Many posters just don’t realize that this machine is made for casual/office-type use (no HD video or full-screen Flash/YouTube/Hulu video watching, and other heavy apps) which this PC does adequately, while using 1/2~1/3 the volume/footprint space of a typical desktop mini-tower computer.

If you intend to run 3D games, convert video or other heavy-duty applications then you should stay away from this. If you buy this tiny desktop with the intention of upgrading the video card or additional memory/hard drive later on then you haven’t done your homework. The interiors of these Slim towers from HP and Acer-Gateway-eMachine are so cramped that you shouldn’t be generating more heat inside them. Plus I bet 90%+ of all PC users do not upgrade their computers’ innards.

For the intended audience and purpose, 4GB of RAM and should be more than sufficient, and the hard drive has room to spare unless the kids BitTorrent movies day and night.

Although at this price point I’d expect at least a low-end Athlon X2 dual-core, which is probably worth $10 more than the Sempron and makes this PC perform on par with modern entry-level PCs out there.

lol, I work in tech support (phone support) for an ISP, and I tell ya what, 50 percent of all computers calling in are HP/Compaq and they have Nvidia Nics, and they suck! I will NEVER own an HP/Crap, Sorry, I mean Compaq computer, better off building your own!

Yeah, but the OEM OS is locked on to that motherboard.

Being stuck on a poopy board makes it worth a whole lot less - unless you “break” the motherboard and call Microsoft up to unlock it for a new board. But that’s fraud, and you wouldn’t do that. Right?

Or you can be a man and MAKE it fit, try shouting at it and hitting it into place, computers thrive when treated with impunity.

HP has terrible customer support.

NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 is the onboard graphics for this deal.


I presume photoshop would not be an option with this computer. not doing anything to serious, seems like id want a dual or quad core but the price is so right…

Now THAT was funny! I actually laughed out loud.