HP 20" Touchscreen LCD AIO Desktop

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Good deal, I got the 22" one on a wootoff and the thing is great.

Asking use to spend $500 when our dream item is $3+8 is a bit much, yes?

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HP 20" Touchscreen LCD AIO Desktop
$519.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 HP 300-1020 4GB, 500GB, Win 7 64, 20" Touchscreen LCD AIO Desktop

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What is up with the lag on Woot today?

I’ve seen these at my school.
needless to say they blow

Wootservers run on refurb HP AIO and eMachines…

You’re nearing 1000 NightGhost, just 10 to go!

wow thats pretty. its all futuristic and what not. like a tablet you can’t take anywhere.

is this better or worse than an iPad? should i buy this or an iPad? will there be an iPad in this woot off? iPad, iPad, iPad?

I dunno whats worse, the specs of this computer or the look of the peripherals

Be nice if the “powers that be” could change the “sales per hour” chart to 10 minutes or something for these events. Maybe even 5 minutes since they last less than an hour.

woot said kickass!!

Got a computer from woot. Doesn’t have RAM chips, or Video card, like advertised. Not substandard, as in NOTHING AT ALL IN THE CPU. Just a motherboard, hard drive, CD/DVD drive, and cooling units. Buy at your own risk. 48 hour and still nothing from customer service.

Um, did you call the manufacturer, like the FAQ advises?