HP 200-G1 Intel Quad-Core Microtower Desktop

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HP 200-G1 Intel Quad-Core Microtower Desktop
Price: $299.99
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Condition: New


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CPU Benchmarks

HP 200-G1 Microtower Support Page

HP 200-G1 Microtower Maintenance and Service Guide

overpriced by about 200 bucks

This is sad, I’m constantly looking for a good deal on a computer that is better than my current, so, I always use the benchmark comparisons when I see one on here, and, this is how this one stacks up to mine…


and I paid about $300 over a year ago for it… ugh.

This is NEW, not refurbished, so while this isn’t a bargain, it is $50 less than TigerDirect’s usual price, but currently TD has a $30 off coupon, so the savings is reduced to $20. Windows 7 and 8 Pro OEM alone is $139.99.

This would be a good purchase for many non gamers or non power users and parents and grandparent that need a new computer and don’t want Windows 8.

NOTE: this model does not have an HDMI port, just VGA and DisplayPort. There are DisplayPort to HDMI cables and adapters available for cheap.

It isn’t a bargain.

That’s even an understatement. Especially considering the piddly power supply on this thing, you can’t improve the really weak graphics on this (unless you change out the PS)-its not even worth the trouble. For $25 more this is a way better deal:

HP Pavilion 500-281 Desktop (Windows 7) Intel i3-4130 Processor 3.4 GHz

I haven’t seen monitors on the Woot in quite a while. Do people simply use smart tv’s these days instead?

This isn’t supposed to be a gaming machine. This is a low wattage, energy efficient PC. Buy a 30 dollar HDMI video card and you’ll have a nice quite home media center. It’s a 10W processor!

Now I do agree with everyone else, this isn’t a good value - but not for the reasons you guys list.

A home media center with this processor is a mistake. This processor does not have the processing power for certain codecs and definitely doesn’t have the processing power for a cable or virtual tuner. The video card you add will need to be power efficient since the internal PS is rated at 180 watt max. I didn’t say it was meant to be a gaming machine, I said it had poor graphics capabilities. Gaming is not the only thing you need decent graphics capabilities for.

What is the point of a ultra low wattage desktop are you running it off batteries or are you worried about saving about $4/year in electricity?

Instead of buying a 30$ HDMI card, why wouldn’t you use that money and purchase the machine I linked to that has a passmark 4798 vs 1831 (todays woot) and a G3D mark of 537 vs " With only 4 EUs (Execution Units) and a relatively low clock speed of up to 792 MHz, the GPU is even slower than the HD Graphics" for todays J2850 http://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-Pentium-J2850-Desktop-Processor.101589.0.html

So basically I don’t understand your point of disagreeing with me. I basically said this is not a good value because for the same money you can get something that has significantly more CPU and graphics power. The energy efficiency of today’s processor is a moot point because it is a desktop not a laptop. If you had 100 of these running 24/7 (like these were designed for- a type of corporate thin client) then the energy use might be a factor, not here though.

LOL - go ahead an buy it, buddy. Good grief.

I agree, but with a low power machine like this, the case is WAY too big. I think for a machine this low-power, most people would be better off with one of the $150 (on sale) Lenovo IdeaCentre Q190 mini PCs.

Adding a decent HTPC card to this PC could be difficult with the low power PSU.


The pics of desktop PC’s are not very helpful. Could you please have pics of the back side and maybe inside if available. Three pics of the almost worthless front is not good enough. And while I’m on the subject, tell HP to add MORE USB connections to the front. Why waste all that space? Thanks Woot! I really do like you!

Here’s a back view from the web link below:

I think I have something just as fast in the back of my closet.