HP 21.5" 1080p WLED Monitor

5ms response time.

Pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Anyone got side by side monitor comparison sites? I want to compare it to the monitor I own right now.

My monitor right now is Acer S211HL. Thanks.

NewEgg customers give it 5 Eggs.

CNet customer review (just 1) gave it 5 stars.

Just want to make sure people pay attention to the fact this has no HDMI.

Lack of HDMI port does not mean much as DVI-D is more or less same thing as far as PC user is concerned (without ethernet and audio support).

Some might use it as a TV monitor. A dorm resident or kid…

I agree if it strictly being used as a computer monitor…no big deal.

Simple Fix

It was the lack of VESA mounting that cause me to go from “hm, I wonder if I could talk the wife in to this” to “no, not interested”

I have to say that this is pretty average of a price. If you want this specific one then you may have to wait for it to go on sale.

I personally own the 2311x which is the 23" version of this and will personally never buy another of this version. For some reason the stoopid thing won’t hold the default input at DVI if the power ever disconnects and wont auto switch to it. I have to connect a VGA device to manually switch it. Also there is that lack of VESA mounts that is prety laime(woot has a problem with their auto spelling so I decided to change my spelling, kinda getting old now). BTW I got mine on a sale for $100 before a coupon that brought it down lower.

As for average pricing, head over to BB and pick up the IPS screen in the same size for same price. Add tax but no shipping. *note the 7ms response time on this one.


If you don’t mind a better brand then you can pick up an Asus screen for the same price over at the BB as well and it comes with HDMI connections.


Don’t like tax’s? want free shipping? like filling out rebates to bring the price even lower? head on over to amazon for the same asus monitor as above. and your good to go. Slightly cheaper before rebate and $10 less after rebate.


All in all, this is a BOC deal!


If you want a bigger screen, and dont mind rebates and maybe a promo code then below is your answer.

(may need to have signed up for their emails for this code to work though)

Price = 159.99-20mail in = 139.99
Price = 159.99-20mail in-10promo code=129.99

Either way I would say its still a better deal than here. Pay either the same amount or $5 more(after woots is shipped) for a bigger monitor.

Here it is oh and this one has a 2ms refresh rate!

I too, have the 2311x. In fact, I have 3 of them. I haven’t had any problems with them really. Plus, the picture is nice.

My only complain is that they’re unmountable. Didn’t really think about it at the time as I started with one.

Yawn on the pedestrian/high price of $135. 21.5 inch TN panels are regularly available from multiple sources for less $ delivered…

… and while monitors are generally very reliable, those other sources have either local return if defective or free return shipping if defective options.

Woot needs to start out with a lower price due to its stripped down support/inventory business model.

BTW, if you’re looking to upsize from a smaller monitor and running it at 1920x1080, a 23 or 24 inch monitor makes for much nicer viewing since default fonts/screens can look small on smaller monitors. (Yes, I realize you can zoom.)

Lack of VESA mount kills the deal for me. I can’t use it in portrait mode.

Yeah, I’m not sure what the deal is with mine but it only has problems when the device loses power when its still on. Not sure if its a problem with the board inside or what but the only way to get the dumb thing to switch back to DVI is to connect a VGA device just so I can use the controls on the monitor. For some reason the controls on the monitor wont work unless something is connected to it and “playing”.

I too started out with just this one monitor and now have 2(different) ones. I really wish that this one was mountable so since the other one is.

Still doesn’t fix the lack of audio.

EDIT: Didn’t read that monitor doesn’t have speakers.

I have a 23" version, its fine for anything but gaming or mounting. I put mine on a shelf at viewing height for my wife’s elliptical machine. Works great for watching movies, etc while working out.

True, since monitor doesn’t have speakers, audio support on HDMI is moot (or in this case “mute”) :o)

Feeding audio to a monitor that does not have speakers would be silly. The fix mentioned does in fact convert a DVI video feed to HDMI and it does so cheaply.