HP 21" Full HD LED Monitor

HP 21" Full HD LED Monitor

I grabbed two of these last week. They were a cheap way to get matching dual 1080P monitors for our “family room” computer (and the right size to put two on a small desk). They were both in great shape when they arrived… one of the two still had the factory original scratch-resistant film around the bezels.

These only have DVI and VGA inputs. So you might need HDMI-to-DVI or DP-to-DVI cables.

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Is the bezel completely black or black and silver? And does it have a shiny/glossy or a matte finish?

(I can’t tell if some of the picture views are showing light reflections or color changes due to photo angles, or if they may just have marketing-style touchups to make the pictures display more interestingly. The angles of the potential bezel color changes are very sharp and diagonal, which makes me suspect the latter.)

It’s all black. You’re seeing the light reflection in the photo.

Not sure on the screen but Cnet says it’s an anti-glare coating.

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Thanks, @ThunderThighs. The anti-glare coating would be for the screen, not the bezel; it’s just hard to tell how shiny/glossy that part is with the stylized photos. (I much prefer the matte version.)

I’ll try this: @clkeagle: Can you share whether the monitor bezel has a glossy or matte finish?

It’s a glossy plastic all around. The full body of the monitor is like that

Thank you for that information!