HP 23" IPS Full-HD LED-backlit Monitor

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HP 23" IPS Full-HD LED-backlit Monitor
Price: $89.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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I like to think there is a particularly nasty corner in hell reserved for engineers who design monitors without VESA mount holes!


ROFL. I knew there would be a post about that. You exceeded my expectations.

It’s easy to make a fool out of FOur hOLes, alas…

I too had to buy the adapter at 30 bucks … this dude makes a good one…


How does this adapter work? I don’t see any holes at all.

I’d like to get 2 but I just don’t know how much life is left in the Led’s. Though probably sill alot. Hmmm pay more for peace of mind with new?

I picked this up the last time it was offered. If you have a monitor even 3 years old, swap it for this one.

I had two of these monitors die within the Woot warranty period. Both screens got faded looking and had lines…both exactly the same problem. Ended up buying a business class new Lenovo here with a 3 year warranty from Lenovo.

Not nearly as nasty as the engineers who design 400+ dollar 15 inch laptops with non full HD displays. I can understand on the cheepies just to separate throw away users from higher end users. At around 400 bucks you start making an investment in technology not in just a media consumption device. If noncontract cell phones from ZTE and Motorola can be had for less than 200 bucks new with full HD displays why is it so difficult to get a 400 dollar laptop with similar resolutions? You’re talking about an extra ten bucks in production costs.

Which one? How does it work? I need to mount a display vertically.

No VESA mount = not worth buying.

Since it comes with no speakers and I don’t want to wear a headset 24/7 can anyone recommend some speakers that don’t cost a million dollars that would work well with this monitor?

I won’t say it’s “not worth buying”, but that it is an aspect which can matter to some and not others. Not everyone needs to have their monitors up on wall mounts or monitor arms, and for those folks, offering a VESA mount adds zero value.

HP isn’t the only one to omit this. In order for a monitor to be VESA mount capable, there must be added framework to the back of the monitor – which adds structure and makes it thicker. When a monitor is designed for aesthetics, this is a compromise that gets made.

Thank you! I’m not one that needs to mount their monitor. I’m looking to replace the 2 monitors on my desk that don’t match and could use a refresh. I’m in for 2 :smiley:

I have no need for a VESA Mount with this monitor. So you guys saying it’s not worth buying without it, that’s kind of narcissistic don’t you think? Probably in the participation trophy age group.