HP 23" IPS Full-HD LED-backlit Monitor

Does this monitor have a DVI port?

No. HDMI and VGA.

You can use a DVI to HDMI cable … has DVI on one end (computer) and HDMI on the other (monitor)… enjoy!!!
PS. using this type of cable removes the use of AUDIO over HDMI as the DVI has no audio support in its spec…

Why make a monitor with NO VESA mount?

I’m spending this week working from home while renovations are being done on my house, and I needed better monitors to to ensure that I could be productive. Picking up two monitors for about $200 (including tax and shipping) was a great deal on my now-tighter budget. I would have preferred 16:10 or even 4K, but these let me spread out the 10 million windows I need to have open to do my job and they look great on my desk and, since I’m mainly using them to write code, I really don’t need anything fancier.

These monitors are super thin–about 1.5" thick at the bottom where the connectors are and only about a quarter-inch thick the rest of the way up. They have VGA and HDMI inputs with auto-switching, but no audio out for the HDMI port. Despite what the Woot description says, both of my units shipped with HDMI cables, not VGA, which was nice because that’s what I was planning to use. They are powered by an external power supply (much like a laptop power supply), which helps keep them thin. Resolution is 1920x1080 and the image is very sharp and bright. There is no plastic bezel around the screen, but there is about a half-inch of black frame --a bit more than on some of the more expensive monitors I’ve used, but still not bad. Although they aren’t VESA compliant, the metal stands support the screens very well and give the units a classy look.

These monitors were supposed to arrive today, so I was quite surprised when I got the notification email from FedEx on Saturday saying they were delivered (I wasn’t home at the time…good thing it wasn’t raining!). They arrived in plain brown boxes marked “HP Monitor.” Despite being refurbs, there is not sign of damage or defect save for a missing chuck of the Styrofoam one of them was packed in. I’m very happy with my purchase and expect that I’ll get several years of service out of these monitors.