HP 23" IPS Full-HD LED-backlit Monitor

No VESA, no speakers, no tilt, no thanks. I’ll offer $50 at my door.

haha only a fool would depend on tin-sounding monitor speakers; tilt is fair - and vesa mounts ummkay whatever these are a steal

I have this monitor (got it here from Woot) and I love it! True it has no speakers, but I found some for less then 15.00 and they are just fine. As to no tilt not sure why you say that because mine does tilt!

I bought this b/c I built my own PC for the first time and ended up needing a tiny bit of help and so I took the whole system to a local computer repiar shop and the guys there were pretty jealous esp when I told him how much I paid for it!!!

P.S. If you read the specifications it even says it has tilt . . .

what is the refresh rate on this monitor? 60 Htz? 120?

You don’t really see the refresh rate specs on monitors. Here’s the HP tech specs page