HP 23" IPS Full-HD LED-backlit Monitor

monitor is super thin, like a quarter inch from the top to about a third down and then its 1.5-2 in thick, looks great, got here fast, fucking hailcorporate

I have two of these from a previous Woot offer and they’re great monitors. Sharp picture, super thin, and an almost edge-to-edge picture with no bezel. They accept one VGA and one HDMI input, which you can switch between with one button press. They rely on an external power supply for power, kind of like a laptop.

The only downsides to these displays are that they aren’t VESA mountable and that they don’t have an audio out jack for accessing the audio sent through HDMI.

Mine came with HDMI cables despite the specs saying they would come with VGA. The current specs don’t mention anything about display cables, so YMMV.