HP 23" Quad-Core All-in-One Desktop

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HP 23" Quad-Core All-in-One Desktop
Price: $379.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Friday, Jan 17 to Monday, Jan 20) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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No touch screen, correct?


Tempted…for use as a kitchen PC. Web browser, shopping lists, etc…

Any reason why I shouldn’t? Better stuff out there?


Woot has been very good at shipping DOA and nearly DOA computers and tablets lately, check the comments on previous woots. They sent me a dead nexus 7 and have yet to answer my claim I filed on 1/3. Any subsequent contact I attempt just results in them giving me another case number. Woot is not what it once was, and woot-a-zon appears to make their money off shipping garbage that people don’t bother to return.


I suggest anyone that is tempted plan on receiving a latent paperweight. If you have that kind of money to risk/waste, good luck to you.

I will NEVER buy electronics from woot again. Way too much of a carp shoot, no pun intended.

DO NOT TOUCH Windows 8!

If it were Windows 7 I’d suggest it but with Windows 8 even if they gave it to me free I wouldn’t take it out of the box and I’ve worked in Technology/Windows environment for decades - either get Windows 7 on any PC you buy or wait till the next OS when they fix all the GUI issues.

I don’t trust HP factory reconditioned. I bought an HP touch-smart from woot that was factory reconditioned… 6 months later - hard drive completely fried - no saving data stored on it…

I agree - the company has gone way down hill. They “canceled” 2 orders on me after a month of trying to contact them - 2 days before Christmas when I finally lit them up in these forums they FINALLY contacted me back to say hey we canceled your orders a while ago just didn’t refund or tell you…

One bit.ly goes to ebay, one goes to nothing, and one says game over. What’s the deal?

Update: I guess the second goes to a sports website. So the game over screen is equivalent to “Sold Out?”

Yeah, the left and right links are Fails, so the middle should be it. But it is a bad link.

Windows 8 without a touchscreen is like eating soup with a fork

Oh, nevermind. I finally figured it out. Lower case L. :frowning:

bit.ly THIS

Why not just download the shell that makes it operate like “regular” windows…?

Unfortunately, the font they are using on the graphics makes it very hard to tell upper case letter “O” from zero and upper case “I” (eye) from lower case “l” (el). by the time you play with trying variations on those, you are probably too late.

Glad I managed to get one last night, but I’m still not quite sure how!

If you got your ones and zeros right, you would see the “sold out” carp page.

I don’t agree. I have never had a problem with old Woot or new Woot. Electronics or otherwise. The best thing about new Woot is better chances at crap. The “backpack of crap” I got before Christmas was the best crap I ever received (not necessarily the quality of products, but the fact I had 6 mystery boxes arrive at my house). And you can’t complain about nobody having a chance at that one…it took 45min. to sell out.

I’m going to echo the comments re: buying tech from Woot. I’ve found that the bargains I’ve grabbed could’ve been had from sites that are easier to deal with should you start feeling buyer’s remorse…

I have the same model but with a touchscreen. I have only used the touchscreen twice, once top try it, and once to complete an action quicker. I do not like to lean over, smudge my screen, and let go of a handy mouse. The windows 8 has some problems which can drive me crazy, including a lack of printer drivers, but the speed over Win 7 is worth the agravation.