HP 23" Quad-Core All-in-One Desktop

No HDMI port… right?

So you grab a Spork (Start8) for $5 and have the best of both worlds!

Windows 8/8.1 is significantly less resource intensive than previous releases. A system that used to struggle with an underpowered CPU or limited RAM upgradability can perform much faster on 8 due to its optimization for tablet usage. Background programs are heavily restricted from using resources unless you grant them permission to do so.

With Start8 (my preference), or the free Classic Shell, you can reclaim your traditional start menu and even have it default to the desktop so you never even have to utilize the Metro UI.

Look, every new O/S release comes with some bugs, and Windows 8 had its fair share at launch. But they’ve done a good job of identifying and dealing with most. I am a self-proclaimed “power user” who builds high-performance gaming and media rigs for myself, friends, and family. And I run Windows 8.1 on all my rigs (an i5-3470, z77 HTPC, an i7-3770K, z77, tri-SLI gaming rig, an i3 sandybridge laptop, etc.) If you’re scare of Windows 8, you simply haven’t used it enough. Don’t be scared people!

One would think, that gaming would be included in All-in-One.