HP 23" Full-HD AMD A8 AIO Touch Desktop

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HP 23" Full-HD AMD A8 AIO Touch Desktop
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at bestbuy.com and check out this review over at cnet

CPU Benchmarks

So what doe it mean that there’s no HDMI input?

I use my computer for writing, presentations, Netflix, and some simple games. No MMOs or anything like that. My at home laptop is 6 years old, so it’s time to get a new one. I definitely want an AIO, and 21" or greater. I’m super tempted. What you you experts think?

Detailed Specs directly from HP.com for the 23-p114. Of interest is the fact that it uses laptop sized 204pin DDR3 and supports only two sticks. It does support 16 Gb total so you can toss the two four GB RAM modules and upgrade later if necessary.

There is no discreet video graphics capability as it is all built into the CPU. The CPU looks to be soldered in so a CPU upgrade later is not happening without swapping the motherboard.


If you want to upgrade the speed of the AIO to use an SSD HD for its boot drive and retain the 1TB 7200 HD for storage, look into a caddy in place of the DVD. You can always go to an external usb 2 or usb3 DVD if you need that capability.


See this link to the disasembly PDF on how to tear down. Of interest to me is the SATA connectors (only 2) and the webcam module and ability to exchange the WiFi board with one that supports 802.11ac:

If you are really technical you can disassemble the back also and remove the connector to the webcam for extra security. The logitech c920 is an external usb model that is probably better quality and you can connect it only when you want webcam capability and disconnect all other times. :slight_smile:

Years ago, people would buy some kind of car and customize it,tweak the engine and sometimes it worked and other times it did not. Others just bought a car and drove it.

I guess it’s the same thing with PCs.

How about some opinions on how this PC works AS-IS?

Word of warning- All-In-Ones (AIO) are High Risk no matter the brand. I had a very similar HP AIO and just beyond warranty, screen went out. Everything else apparently worked.

During its life it DID work fine with no problems at all.

NO ONE in town would even look at it let alone work on it. Main repair guy I use said it is a waste of his & my time/money. He had 3 HP AIO’s he was throwing away.
So just be aware & don’t spend more $ then you can afford to replace after ~1 year.

Pavilion All-in-One - 23-p114 Support Page

Pavilion All-in-One - 23-p114 Hardware Reference

My wife has one going on three years with no problems.

Remember, all repairmen see are the broken ones. It’s like the early days of contact lenses, you ONLY saw the folks who were having trouble with them while others walked right by you unnoticed.

I just came from Fry’s where they confirmed this information. I asked them to show me the AIOs and give me advice. They said they don’t last long, can’t be serviced like a desktop or laptop can and aren’t really worth the money. So I ended up with a small desktop tower and a 27" monitor instead. Only slightly more than the price of today’s computer woot and tons more memory, and stuff.

Also got a refurbed Lenovo for $249. I hope I’m done with computers for a few years now!

I have had 2 HP Pavillion PC’s one a tower that was a disaster which couldn’t be repaired by the “meek” squad or an independent expert. I gave it to a friend who uses it for surfing and email-wasted $800 Bought another Pavillion 27" AIO but also bought a cover everything ins. policy from HP which cost $400+ I gave this thing to my niece because it gummed up like the tower about a month after the normal warranty expired fortunately $400+ ins. policy. It’s working fine and that policy is good for another 2 yrs. The tower was AMD and the AIO was intel. Needless to say I no longer buy HP products. My advice is to take the money you would spend on this and burn it in the parking lot much less frustrating than dealing with a balky computer(brand)