HP 24f LED Anti Glare Monitor

HP 24f LED Anti Glare Monitor

Woot! Mods…I just purchased the (HP 24f LED Anti Glare) monitor 2 days ago and was charged $82.99. It is now displaying a sold-out price of $75.99? C’mon guys! How do you expect us to remain loyal members when you pull stunts like this?

This is an open box sale. Yours wasn’t open box. Open box items are very limited quantity and often a bit lower in price.

I’m a little confused here, but I think I see what happened. The confirmation email I received from you in response to my purchase contained a link to an old “open box” sale of the same item (the one for $75.99) and not to the one I actually purchased (new). I was simply clicking on the link you sent me.

Well, that’s weird. Let me see if someone can look into why it did that.

Actually, they are both “Refurbished” items, even though the dubious “open box” claim isn’t applied in the case of my purchase.