HP 27" 1080p Quad-Core i5 AIO w/ Blu-ray

No picture of the Blu-ray drive or the side inputs?

A quick googling of the model number tells me that the graphics on this is upgradeable via an MXM card (a laptop graphics form factor standardized by nvidia fourish years ago).

Search the page for MXM and you should find a few hits.

That’s a really big screen for a computer. I know it seems all the fashion nowadays but I remember a simpler time when there were a bajillion things to plug into each other to set up a desktop. Now you just set the keyboard and mouse in front of it and like some telepathic alien technology it just knows its connected.

oh good it’s Win7

This is a fairly stacked PC. Everything on/in it is upgradable or overclock…able, though I would worry about the one stick 8gb RAMs reliability then. Not to mention blu-ray, usb 3.0, etc. It’s completely ready out the box too: wireless keyboard & mouse w/aa&aaa batteries even! I wonder how the kodak 72pk batteries hold up in these devices…

Dunno bout price tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty good spec page: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&taskId=120&prodSeriesId=5186974&prodTypeId=12454&objectID=c03377747

Be sure to compare to our specs. Our sample had a couple differences from the ones on the HP site. For example, the Tuner Card is H323 instead of the A327 that HP lists.

You had me going for a second there; on the phone I thought it was a Z1 for a moment, which I would have been all over. Still a decent biggie AiO if that’s what you’re after, though I’d prefer a 1440 or 1600-line panel. A little disappointing that you don’t get 8 with it given the touchscreen, but it’s not really expensive to upgrade anymore.

Overclock? It’s an underclocked, locked i5 to reduce TDP, and HP (or nearly any OEM) isn’t one to allow you to play with memory timings or multipliers in the BIOS. Not that it isn’t enough for most anyone.

Not a touchscreen.

Well, crap.

What is the point in having an AIO if it lacks the touchscreen. This is what windows 8 would be made for if it had the touchscreen for metro or tiles operating system. i can’t believe this. Guess Ill wait for a combo windows 8 tablet that has mulyi touchscreen and is mobile. Would have got one of these for the house. Guess I could get an older AIO and piy wimdows 8 on it but would be to under powered for me. :frowning:

For those of us lucky enough to get the plug in, please…Is this a good deal for a “normal” family PC? Homework, surfing, bill paying, kids (no gaming) games? Thanks for the translation.

Curse you Shinespark, and your sig line. Now I will be humming “Don’t copy that floppy” all day! :slight_smile:

Regarding the lack of touchscreen…

Read reviews for AiOs with touchscreens, and you’ll find that most owners think they’re cool, but admit that they rarely use it. I think it’s more of a novelty. I have an AiO with a touchscreen, and the display sits too far back on the desk for it to be comfortable. For a desktop, using a mouse is more natural than touching the screen.

Also, upgrading a Win7 machine to Win8 to utilize touchscreen is sometimes disappointing because the swipe-off experience isn’t the same as machines that were purpose built for Win8 (no raised bezel).

I have an AiO with an external TV tuner (this one has an internal), and I must say, Windows Media Center is quite impressive. If you haven’t used it before, you’ll be surprised at how polished the interfaces are, and how well it works. It’s leaps and bounds better than any DVR out there.

I’m not sure if this comes with a remote, if not, grab a cheap MCE remote off of eBay.

This seems like a good deal for a powerful and feature rich machine. Perfect for the kitchen nook, where you don’t want a bunch of wires.

Now, Woot, when are you going to show me a good wireless color laser printer/scanner?

IMO if this was a touch screen PC then it would be worth It as a home windows 8 PC as IMO if you don’t have touch then you don’t want win 8 as the metro (or whatever they call it now?) UI IMO can only be remotely useful as a touch PC.

Since this is an AIO PC (which means difficult to upgrade) would only be good as a new age family bulletin board or else IMO large touch screen all in one PC’s and cell phones (basically touch devices) are the only thing win 8 is good for.

Now back on topic this PC is basically a mac style PC for family’s which have no real need for any games* (*the kind of games you buy farm-ville on Facebook should work fine LOL)

So just IMO buy this if you need a PC, (not an upgrade) don’t ever plan on windows 8 (I don’t either so that’s not a big deal) and this will be used for school reports, social media, browsing the internet, and other average PC use. This is also more expensive than a usual PC setup.

Yes Soshshops, I think that this machine would be a very good choice. The technology will allow you to use this machine for a long time, with USB3, Blu-ray, large 1TB hard drive, and RAM expandable to 16GB (though the included 8GB is more than plenty for what you describe), and wireless N.

If you really want, you can even upgrade the OS to Windows 8 for $15. There is some conflicting information on the internet about whether refurbished machines are eligible for the discounted upgrade, but FWIW, I was able to buy/download/install the Win8 upgrade for my refurbished AiO computer that I bought a few weeks ago without any issues (don’t worry about the fact that my family didn’t really bond with Win8, and I decided to revert back Win7).

I have Windows 8 on my wifes touchscreen and find the mouse much easier to navigate.

Just wonder whether the savings here on refurb with 90 day warranty are offset by what it would cost to buy an extended warranty here or elsewhere.

This could be a cheap way to make a faux iMac with Hackintosh, then run a dualboot, so you can have best of both worlds.

The only concern is the screen resolution, a higher screen resolution would really help when sitting at a desk with this large screen.