HP 27" WQHD LED IPS Monitor

HP 27" WQHD LED IPS Monitor
Price: $349.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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Check out this “very good” review from cnet and solid reviews (4 out of 5 eggs) from newegg.com

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HP ZR2740W 27" LED Display
Price: $349.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Friday, Dec 13 and Tuesday, Dec 17)
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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12/10/2013 - $449.99 (Woot Plus)

Here is a review from Cnet (with video) and some reviews from BP Photo Video

Good review from AnandTech

Definitely in for one, maybe 2. Was looking for a QHD monitor and the best price I saw was on eBay for $450 and that is with a lesser known brand from Korea.

Now I just have the hard decision left to get 1 or 2 monitors.

Huh? Green-sum has QNIX2710 EVO II for $320 or so. It’s a better quality monitor than this, actually (Samsung PLS). Shipping is quicker than Jimmy John’s. The only thing is ZERO warranty, so what you get is what you get.

$290 actually:

HP Dead Pixel Warranty

HP Guarantees:
Zero Bright Pixels (Pixels visable on a white screen)
upto 5 Dark Pixels (Pixels visable on a black screen)
Zero Full Pixels (all 3 elements of a Pixel)

I have a QNIX 2710 and was looking to get another, since you mention it, why is QNIX even better? I don’t know much in the technical terms but isn’t IPS better ?


I’ve had this monitor about a year and it is excellent.

I bought it used on eBay and it’s the first-gen model. In 2012 they made minor revisions to the screen coating and something else, but for the most part they are the same monitor.

Mine was manufactured October 2011 and has 0 dead pixels and functions perfectly.

My only complaint is no OSD (you have to use software that is difficult to get to install in Windows 8, and pretty buggy.) But the software is not necessary.

Obviously you need a dual-link DVI cable/displayport cable and a videocard supporting either. This monitor uses onboard scaling to pixel-map lower resolutions. The results are blurry and jaggy. Think of it as rendering a picture in 8-bit video game style.

So basically you want to run 2560x1440 all the time. Make sure your video card has the power to do this if you plan to game on this monitor because you will be very disappointed running 1920x1080, the results look terrible.

None of this is a real detractor to me. I bought the monitor BECAUSE of the high resolution, never planning on running anything but the maximum.

Added nice features are internal power supply (no brick) and a 4-port USB 2.0 hub which reduces cluttered cables running off your desk for the keyboard/mouse. I also use the HP sound bar that attaches to the bottom for a clean basic speaker that doesn’t take up desk space.


Also, is there any reason it’s 350 on one page, but in the Monitors sub-category, it’s 450$? That seems like a low move, surprisingly.

[MOD: The $449 one in the Plus event is NEW. This one is Factory Reconditioned.]

Looking at the user reviews of this product I am seeing an exceptionally high amount of complaints from people who have had 2 or even 3 of these die on them after just a few months of use.

Check out the reviews on Amazon and Newegg before you buy. Buyer beware with these refurbs.

QNIXs are Quality Screens at great prices at the expense of connectivity options and a mediocre fixed stand. I would buy one if the HP was not at a competitive price.

QNIX monitors use the samsung PLS Technology which you can google and waste hours reading about. what i gather is there is an improvement in color and brightness at the cost of black levels.

An advantage of the QNIX Brand is you can often find “Pixel Perfect” versions which guarantee zero pixel defects. If you are very OCD about Pixels then i would recomend looking for One of these

A Drawback/Feature of the QNIX Monitors is they are truly bare-bones. you are paying for a quality screen with the least expensive support for it. no USB ports,a single DVI-D (Dual link) port utilizing “Bypass technology” which is not compatible with all video cards and incompatible with most non PC sources. power cord is often not a US cord (but its just a standard cord you can grab from any old PC/monitor) and, the deciding factor for me, an inexpensive static stand (According to this review the mounting for which was non standard/too shallow. I found 2 reviews with the same issue).

If the HP monitor was not on sale;
I would purchase a Perfect Pixel QNIX and a separate quality stand to attach it to.
As this would end up being the same/more than the HP with fewer features, I will be going with the HP for now. Not knocking QNIX at all, i will continue to compare future purchases with their offerings. at the end of the day, its the screen that matters.

QNIXs are Quality Screens at great prices at the expense of connectivity options and a mediocre fixed stand. I would buy one if the HP was not at a competitive price.

The $350 are Factory Refurbished with a 1 year warranty

The $450 are New with 3 year Warranty.

I’ve had this monitor for about a year and have actually bought a second one for work.

Now I’m currently debating on purchasing a 3rd one to have 2 at work. The only thing that is stopping me is that I have to upgrade my Macbook Pro to the retina version to use 2 monitors at once :-\

This is a great monitor, and a very good deal at $350, assuming the refurbished item is OK. I haven’t purchased too many refurbished items, but the ones I have bought seem to have been almost new. I think one of them actually was brand new. With electronics, probably most of the factory refurbished items suffered from “infant mortality”, where something went wrong either right away or soon after it was operated. In that case, the refurbished might actually be better than new, because it’s already been fixed once and rechecked by the factory.
Anyway I haven’t seen this monitor in person, but by the specs it looks great. IT IS NOT A GAMING MONITOR. It has a 12ms response time. That will not be acceptable for gamers. This is an engineering monitor or photo editing monitor, where accuracy of rendering is critical but response time is not. There would be no reason to spend the extra money on this monitor if you don’t need high resolution and high color gamut. The 1 billion color spec probably means it covers the Adobe RGB color space, which is an important feature for professional color applications. The human eye actually only sees about 10 million colors, but if you are going to be running your software or peripherals in the Adobe RGB color space, you NEED a monitor that displays the full Adobe RGB color gamut. I learned that from making the mistake of running an Adobe RGB application with a sRGB monitor.
Of course the IPS panel is an added benefit, with the wide viewing angle. More than actually being able to see at an angle, it’s the fact that the colors don’t change with different viewing angles. TN screens change colors at different viewing angles, but they tend to have fast response times making them good for games. I don’t know of any desktop monitors using AMOLED screens yet, I think those are still limited to phones and tablets.
In summary if you are not a gamer and want a high resolution high color accuracy monitor this looks like a great buy. I would buy one right now, but I have to run my screen at 1920X1080, which is not the native resolution of this monitor. So regretfully I’ll have to pass. I would love to have one though.

Two vertical would be awesome. I have 2 24" vertical and it is nice!

Concur. Recently bought a Crossover perfect pixel.

UGH I wish the Bezel was not so big :frowning: I would have gotten 3 lol