HP 27" WQHD LED IPS Monitor

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HP 27" WQHD LED IPS Monitor
Price: $349.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Feb 12 to Thursday, Feb 13) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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I’ve got 2 of these, one at home and one that I bought and brought to work.

I can’t live without this much screen space anymore.

One thing is that one of the monitors died (not from Woot, wasn’t refurbished) and HP overnight’d me another one right away. Luckily, since these came out in 2010, the HP 3 year warranty still applies!

I’m sure the one I got from HP is refurbished but it works great and is the revision model that came out in 2011. (Less Anti-Glare coating, eg. less dull)

Let’s read about this going head to head against the Asus PB278Q over at tomshardware.com

Let’s check out an unboxing [youtube=n5v2v08wtys][/youtube]

Be sure you have a GPU that can run this thing correctly (moreso if you’re going to be gaming on it, you’ll be spending at least $200 and most likely more depending on the games unless you’re turning settings down), you have the correct cables, the right ports on your computer, and enough space for this on your desk and enjoy your 3686400 pixels!

I bought two of these the last time they were listed and my wife loves them. :frowning: I wish I had purchased them for me instead of my wife. The real estate is absolutely fantastic. With each one @ 2560 x 1440, it’s a developers’ wet dream. I ended up having to buy an adapter for her HP laptop (9470m) docking station to support dual DisplayPort ports, but I’m in love with these as a dual-display setup. Even single would be great at this resolution.

I got one of these. They are fantastic! Great quality. Beautiful screen and the stands works great too. Buy them!

I B Droolen

What the hell is WQHD? Why not just list the pixel dimensions? 2560x1440 is a lot clearer.

Rotating it for desktop publishing is a great experience.

Possibly. Those with laptops will still want this as laptops are more likely to have DisplayPort than Dual Link DVI. There are no passive (READ: cheap) DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI adapters. All adapters are active (READ: expensive.)

What makes this normally a $700 monitor? I thought 27 inch monitors were going for $350 new???


IPS vs TN Panel.

I got this last time around, and I love it. I use it in portrait mode; the only issue I have is that puts the USB ports on the top and upper left, which seems silly.

I bought one of these from another seller in 2012 and returned it in a week.

I found that the anti-glare coating made the screen almost unusable. The coating was very rough… gave the screen a sparkly, frosted look wherever there was a light-colored background. Dark-on-light text (you know, 95% of web pages and desktop software) was painful to read.

For comparison, I don’t have this problem whatsoever with my Dell 30" monitor, which also has a matte screen with an anti-glare coating.

Clearly from this thread I can see that some people don’t mind the anti-glare coating on the HP. From reading other peoples’ reviews of the HP back in 2012 I found that the coating was a deal-killer for some people and others didn’t mind.

Just something to think about…

I use one of these as my work monitor (and another brand of 27" at home). Got it a couple sales ago on Woot. I have it attached with a Mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable hooked to my MacBook Pro w/15" retina display. (The new one that has the dedicated GPU, not the older model or the intel-only model.)

Pros: enormous resolution, built in USB hub, DisplayPort, adjustable stand (height, tilt, and rotation).

Cons: stand is a little wobbly, display has no OSD and no adjustments other than brightness, if you need any sort of dual-link DVI adapter it’s expensive. (But, if you need to go Mini-DisplayPort that will work fine with a straight adapter to DisplayPort which is pretty cheap.)

The antiglare coating that HP uses was changed early in 2013. I think Woot may only be selling the displays with the second-generation coating. Mine has it.

(It’s pretty widely acknowledged that the first-generation coating that HP was using on these sucked. You definitely want one with the second-gen coating.)

I bought one the last time it was on Woot. Absolutely LOVE IT. I have one tiny dead pixel in the bottom corner, but I never even notice it and figured it wasn’t worth the hassle to return as I now can’t live without this monstrous beauty on my desk.

I have it mounted on a swing arm desk mount, so I can adjust it to any angle. I can also swing it to the side of my desk and watch movies in my recliner in my office, It’s large enough that I got rid of the 32" TV that I had in here for movie watching in the office.

I do a lot of photography and photo editing, and this monitor is top notch for doing this. It’s really bright, crystal clear and the resolution is so high that I can get my very large format photos all on the screen and see it all perfectly for editing.

I would HIGHLY recommend one of these monitors at this price.

Also, mine arrived as if it was brand new. All cables were bagged up, the monitor it self was packed and wrapped in the original packing and it came in the original HP box for this model, and had a big REFURBISHED on the side.

Did you miss the part about the ridiculously high resolution? These are the same types of panels used in the $1200 apple cinema displays.

Oh, I also do not have any issues with the anti glare coating, so mine must be one of the newer/better/fixed models. But I don’t know what the old one looked like…all I can say is I have no issues with this one.