HP 27" WQHD LED IPS Monitor

If this does not have OSD as the video posted above mentions, what good is it for photography if you can not adjust the display?
Or am I missing something?

Most of the “cheap” 27 inch monitors are still 1920x1080 resolution this one has a resolution of 2560x1440. 2,073,600 pixels vs 3,686,400 pixels (78% more pixels). This is also an IPS panel which adds a little more value also.

These are $400 new at Microcenter (if you’ve got one near you) just for comparison.

[MOD: In-store purchase only]

Here is a link to it on the Microcenter site. Now that I’ve got a legit price to compare to, this just doesn’t seem like a good deal for a “reconditioned” monitor.

VESA mounts?

[MOD: Per the specs: VESA Compatible, 100 x 100mm]

Right. And I suppose you wish they’d do away with “VGA” and write “640x480” instead. Likewise, who needs “SVGA”? Nobody knows what that means, let’s stick with the tried and true “800x600”!

But seriously – you might want to consider that while you’re just looking at the pixel quantity and distribution, there might be other information contained in that WQHD specification that means a lot to people who know more about graphics standards.

Suppose I want to connect two different computers to this. How easy is it to switch between the DVI and DisplayPort connectors?

According to one of the posted videos, a pain.

You can calibrate it through software on your machine–check out Spyder color calibrators. They’ll be more accurate than calibration by eye anyway. Catch is you need a GPU that supports adjusting color at the PC side. (All Macs support this.)

Easy. Just push the source button on the front of the monitor. I do it 100 times a day on mine.

What does WQHD tell you that the resolution that 2560 x 1440 16:9 omits? You can calculate the aspect ratio based on the pixel count. I agree that 2560 x 1440 is an easier more recognizable way for most people, while “graphics” people should be able to recognize that this resolution means it’s WQHD.

Agreed. I’d happily pay another ~$50 to get it new and up the warranty to 3 years.

However, I might have sprung on this if it had HDMI in (and could therefore serve bedroom blu-ray role)

For one, it tells you that when you plug that DVI-D cable in to it, you’ll get a picture. It’s very possible to design a 2560 x 1440 display screen that has a very different interface (i.e., meets some other spec than WQHD) than the panel listed here.

It’s somewhat like saying you were driving down a two-lane road – without saying whether it was in a country where they drove on the right or the left of the road. “WQHD” contains much more information than “2560 x 1440” does.

Don’t try to hand-wave and say that it’s irrelevant because “everybody knows that” – just take a look on support forums (or here when this monitor was offered previously) and people thought that DVI-D (dual link) meant the same thing as DVI-D (single link). Many people think they know, when they are just assuming.

FWIW, “WQHD” means “wide quad high definition” – so you could grok the meaning of the abbreviation and understand that four times 640 (standard VGA) is 2560, and know most everything you say you care to know.

But note that “everything you care to know” is not the same as “everything there is to know”.

Wouldn’t a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter work?

Unfortunately, a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter only works one way. ie, DisplayPort (source) to HDMI (display). There aren’t any HDMI (source) to DisplayPort (display) adapters that:

  1. work well.
  2. don’t cost more than the panel itself.

Much like srees, I also would have considered this for the same use.

How many 2560 x 1440 displays would you come across that aren’t going to be classified as WQHD? Although I see your point regarding this, in all practicality it’s moot because if someone is going to design a monitor with 2560x1440 resolution it would be silly for it not to fulfill the WQHD spec. Even the cheapest monitors on Newegg that are 2560x1440 are QHD.

Another comment said that only brightness can be adjusted. Can other aspects be adjusted through software? I’ve never seen one that had perfect color and contrast right out of the box, monitor or laptop.

I bought one of these in late dec from woot. It arrived faster than expected, worked great for about 3 weeks using DVI (EVGA GTX760, top of the line machine built in nov. 2013 with 64gb, 4960x, etc. just using office-type apps no gaming). Then it started to have a creeping black screen that seemed to get worse over the next few days. It would work at first for a few minutes, then horizontal black lines would start populating the screen and it would eventually go black. Computer would sense the monitor still connected, but no display. Unplugging at first would get it working for a while again, but it would work for less and less time and eventually black was for good. The good thing was I was able to go through HP service and a tech brought out a new (I think it was factory new at least that’s what he said) panel to my house to replace it within a week. Been working well now for about 3-4 weeks now. I am hoping that one was just a bad refurb, as I am thinking about getting another but was wondering if anyone else had this problem.

I had the same problem. THAT BEING SAID. Definity get another the quality is great, so is the price. Mine died i called hp (they had to transfer me 3-4 times whatever) they overnighted me a replacement with return stickers included. So effectivly i got a factory new monitor for $350 and an extra day for overnighting the replacement. These come with 1yr full warrenty including their standard dead pixel protection.

Your graphics chip/card software will have plenty of adjustments, Catalyst control center (ATI),nvidia and intel also have control panels to adjust just about anything that goes out to your monitor.