HP 270 AMD Dual-Core 2TB Slimline Desktop

Sometimes I wonder if Woot should just be called the HP garbage dump. I’m not saying this particular PC is garbage, it just seems like daily there is some HP stuff on sale here. Having been a victim of their shady recall practices, I will never, ever spend a dime on anything HP.

I bought the one last week to replace a decades old slim-line Dell refurb that was acting tired. These HPs are interesting in that it’s almost like a laptop in a desktop case. The DVD is like a laptop model and the power supply is external like a laptop.

You will not be able to add a video card to these, or an additional hard drive, or anything else.

Mine from last week came with 4G ram in one of the two slots, up-gradable to 16g (on order right now). This one seems to come with 8g with no capability to go up to 16… weird.

Anyway, the one I got works well enough for what we will be using it for. It’s basically a computer connected to the TV to let me play youtube or vimeo, or web surf.