HP 27Q 27" Quad-HD LED-Backlit Monitor



HP 27Q 27" Quad-HD LED-Backlit Monitor


5ms response time, not 2ms, according to the specs on hp.com and also in the listing for this monitor on amazon.


Hello all. We made a couple specs a bit clearer…

Response time is "5ms (GtG); 2ms (GtG w/ overdrive)"

Also it is an IPS panel, not TN. But YAY because IPS is better than TN.


You sure about the iPS? Every other listing for the monitor I see in the pic indicates it’s TN and that the IPS version has Pavilion in the name and looks a little different.


We checked with our vendor who confirmed the IPS. He did say that some non-HP sites and some listed on Amazon with the same model # say it’s a TN panel.

Here it is on HP:



Now I want to cry. I specifically did not buy this because it was listed as TN.
Had I known this was the IPS version, I would have ordered two or three!
Do you think you’ll be getting these back in again?