HP 27x 27-inch 144Hz Gaming Display

HP 27x 27-inch 144Hz Gaming Display

I initially read this as 27x27" as though it is a 1:1 aspect ratio… Definitely got a head tilt out of me before I realized. Haha

Ha yeah, it’s a “27x” model @ 27". Caught me off guard too

I just want to know what that game on the display is

It doesn’t appear to be an actual game. The image shows up on quite a few HP monitors, so my guess is it’s a generic game mockup HP uses for advertising their gaming monitors.


Agree it’s just a generic game screenshot, but it looks A LOT like Titanfall or Mechwarrior, so maybe give those a try if you’re looking for a good mech battle experience.

Having some good nostalgia flash-backs to playing Armored Core on PS1.

I also came here to look at a 27" by 27" monitor