HP 3 Button USB Optical Mouse


Not worth the shipping?


I have super duper laser mouse.
No thank you.

I bet they have a bagggggiiiilllion of these!

HP mouse sucks a big one. will never buy one again.

Seriously?? Why not just save 'em up and chuck 'em in peoples Bags of Crap??

I bet it’s more.

Honestly a pretty good deal.
Always handy to have around!
Splurge for 3!

in for one… what? my work needs a new mouse and its for a good cause :slight_smile:

Are you kidding me?

This is a fucking sweet deal! Even with the shipping. Well, if you get 3 that is.

125 ct.

That’s a $1.25 + $5 shipping.

Someone bite the bullet!


mini mouse?? or full size??

Why am I able to say Bags of Crap?!?

If I fail my finals i’m blaming this website

the description of this item…looks like the word “dick” instead of “click”…don’t you agree?

haha I just realized I really really really should have gotten 3. crap.

Awesome Amazing Horse Reference! Great now that song is stuck in my head, arghhh…