HP 3115m 11.6" Dual-Core 320GB Laptop

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HP 3115m 11.6" Dual-Core 320GB Laptop
Price: $129.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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12/17/2015 - $129.99 - Click To See Discussion (49 comments)

Does anyone know how easy it would be to upgrade the HDD to an SSD?

Strange woot-off.

Percentage for this item was at 53%… I refresh again a few minutes later, and it went up to 61%.

Does anyone who purchased this product have any feedback to share?

just went from 40% to 51% for me

That largely depends on your skill level and confidence with replacing PC components, but aside from that, I don’t think it would be too hard.

Here’s the Hard Drive Assembly Replacement Instructions for this model straight from HP.

The only thing you may have to watch out for is if HP has whitelisted specific storage hardware in the BIOS, but that is typically more of an issue for other components, such as the wireless card.

Should be fairly simple to physically swap them. Probably just a couple screws on the bottom of the laptop to remove the current HDD (although I can’t see the bottom in images, so it could be more complex, but I doubt it).

The more complicated step will be transferring Windows from one drive to the other. There are probably several options. I suggest Googling for that. Try searching something like “transfer os when swapping hdd for ssd”. I found some decent info with that.

Anybody know whether these machines are good candidates for running Linux? Do they include any squonky/unsupported devices/HW?

Anyone know if this would be ok if we wanted something to dump music on from CDs to move to a phone/ipod?

Might be a bit challenging without a built-in optical drive.

I have the consumer version of this laptop, the HP Pavilion dm1-4010us. It was great in 2011, and I still love the size and design, but it is now veeery sloowwww. Might be good for a kid – if you can swap in an SSD.

I’d pay much more for a laptop with at least 8gb RAM and SSD, 256 sounds good.

If you can find a clean copy of Windows 7 64-bit online, and enter the license code from the sticker on the bottom of the machine, you should be all set.

I have also a similar model DM1 that i got from Verizon with a cellular card. I put an SSD in it also and am still using it today… works great. Not slow at all and it has 5 GBs and SSD installed.