HP 3115m 11.6" Dual-Core 320GB Laptop

any warranty???
ok. I found it.

Good times… I got one.
It arrived. It powered up and worked once.

It crapped out the second time I tried to turn it on… What a bad joke!!!

You are right, I was expecting a working computer from the start. I turn on the computer and works fine the first day. Now, I am using my free time installing updates in the computer. I needed 208 windows updates to bring the computer up to date. That is completely unacceptable, a refurbish computer should be at least up to date with updates. It is like an old desktop, you turn it on and needs updates. I won’t buy something like this again. The next time, I expend extra money and receive a working computer. To finish my comment, the computer came with windows 7 with ZERO updates install. The computer is a waste of money and time.