HP 3115m 11.6" Dual-Core 320GB Laptop

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HP 3115m 11.6" Dual-Core 320GB Laptop
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It’s a very slow computer. Not even sure if it’ll handle basic task well. No thanks.

Check out this write-up over at Engadget

CPU Benchmarks

I need to buy a computer for my 15 year old daughter. She uses xbox for gaming, so this doesn’t need to be a gaming computer. She’ll mostly: facebook, openOffice, surf, netflix.

An earlier poster said it’s too slow for the basics, but really? Will it be too slow for these tasks?

If it was for your niece, I would say go for it. But for your daughter, I would suggest to up your budget to at least $200 and avoid the refurbished AMD a4 kind.

Those things are slow. Really slow. Even for basic tasks like web browsing.

Resist the urge to get a cheap computer. Spending just a little more will give you a much better experience.

Question: how slow is slow? I have a Windows tablet with an Atom and 2GB or DDR3. Runs Word and 4-5 tabs just fine.

Are the AMDs really that bad?

It depends from the patience. It usable, but really slow. You can watch Netflix, but even yahoo is a challenge.

I have the HP 3105m with features the E-350 model of this processor. Generally speaking the E-350 and E-450 processor are faster than the early Atom CPU’s and feature a solid ATI video card integrated into the processor.

Both the HP 3105m and 3115m are positioned between ultra low power netbooks and entry level laptops. If you choose this device I would strongly recommend upgrading to an SSD to improve overall response.

If you need something a little newer with better horsepower I would recommend the HP Stream 11 (11 inch screen) or HP Stream 13 (13 inch screen) which features are much newer Celeron processor. Bear in mind that the Stream laptops only have 32 GB of storage via an internal SSD. Extra storage can be added with a micro SD Card, but the Streams are meant for using online storage rather than on computer storage for your files.

If you prefer a more traditional low cost laptop than something along the lines of a Dell Inspiron 1121 might be better. The 1121 (also known as the 11z) features an ultra low power Core i3 processor from Intel that is more powerful then the E-450, but lags behind a bit on the integrated Intel Graphics. (For the 11z I would also recommend upgrading to an SSD to improve overall response).

I hope this helps.

I don’t have “more”. I honestly don’t have THIS to spend. But cutting back to 2 meals a day for a while will help. Her old computer got hosed with a windows 10 upgrade. I have a MAX $150 budget on this (and that’s robbing peter to pay paul).

Why you hate my neice? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though. This won’t handle the basics? I don’t really think she watches netflix on it… i believe she’s watching netflix on the tv via the xbox.

I had an HP DM1Z a few years ago with the E350 processor and after upgrading with an SSD it ran general tasks quite well. The real letdown is the lack of USB 3

The HP 3115m will handle basic tasks okay. The E450 processor has an integrated Radeon HD 6320 graphics card. At this moment I’m using an HP 3105m (the HP E350 version of this laptop) and I’m watching Netflix on it just fine while running Windows Update in the background. Don’t expect fast response or performance as the E350 / E450 is meant to be a low power CPU rather than a performance CPU.

This laptop will handle most or all basic tasks such as office, email, facebook and netflix with little or no problems.

That’s really only a letdown if you use USB 3 devices or plan to use USB 3 devices with the laptop. If not then its no big omission.

Can anyone tell me whether I can run two external monitors (VGA + HDMI) AND the internal monitor at the same time?

Woot says the warranty is 90 days; the text at the link for Joy states 12 months … Which is it?

I don’t see how Windows 10 could have trashed the old computer beyond repair. Are you sure you need to buy a new computer rather than fix the old one?

This computer is the AMD equivalent of the Atom netbook,but with passable graphics. It will play online video better than any Intel Atom netbook, but it will be slow to open and operate larger programs such as open office. Although slow,it will still work.

The specs say it will support 16GB of RAM. Per HP’s site, and Crucial’s upgrade site, that is incorrect. It maxes at 8GB.

Are you sure you need a new computer? You have these options for the current computer you have:

  1. You can roll it back to Windows 7/8 … there is an option to roll back. Assuming your old computer can start, type “Go back to Windows 7” (or Windows 8) in the search bar (it has hint text of “Ask Me Anything”) and select the best match.

  2. Assuming #1 does not work and you back up a Windows 7 image before the update, you can reapply the image.

  3. If #1 and #2 do not work, and you have access to the recovery disk for the old computer, use it.

Hope this helps …

The achilles heel of most cheap (and even not cheap) computers these days is the spinning hard drives.

Windows 8 and Windows 10 have regressed in their handling of them and sometimes try to make a ton of small read/writes to them and bring the computer to it’s knees.

I have a year old Core i7 laptop with 8G ram that would grind to a halt when some background task decided it needed to scan some files. SSD made it lightning fast.

Watching other pc’s I’ve seen the same thing many times. The CPU may be slow, but it’s often not the bottleneck for day-to-day use.