HP 3115m 11.6" Dual-Core 320GB Laptop

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HP 3115m 11.6" Dual-Core 320GB Laptop
Price: $129.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Thursday, Jan 07 to Tuesday, Jan 12) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Write-up from EndGadget

CPU Benchmarks

Hmmmm think this would be good for my 71 yr old dad that needs a computer for nothing too important???

How is his eyesight? In my opinion this size screen might be a bit small for a senior but you know him best.

It’s perfect otherwise. These kinds of comps are great for basic use.

Can the hard drive be replaced? Can the RAM be upgraded?

It can be upgraded to 8GB and of course the HD can be upgraded. Slap in an SSD and you reduce the moving parts to a minimum.

I see the “beats” logo on the front. Does this have beats audio?

Long answer: The photos for this is vendor art. With refurbished computers, there can be a mix of features in that batch of computers. They are brought to the stated specs as a minimum. So it could have Beats but since we can promise it, we don’t mention that feature. Our vendor did not list the feature in the specs he sent us.

Short Answer: Maybe

I’m trying to get a handle on why anyone would purchase, or even consider upgrading this computer. It has a weak, weak processor. Why would anyone bother putting an SSD or more memory in something this weak? There are lots of off lease computers in this price range or just a little more

The Dell Latitude below is $180. The I5 3320m (passmark 4000) in this laptop has more than 5X the performance of the E-450 (passmark 774) in today’s woot. The graphics HD 4000 on the Dell is at least twice as good as the graphics on today’s HP woot.

Dell Latitude E6230 12.0” WideScreen LCD Notebook - Intel i5 2600 MHz, 500Gig HDD, 4096MB, No Optical Drive - Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit Laptop

I also think some of the information is wrong on today’s woot. I think the graphics is an HD 6320 not HD 8250 based on these 2 sources:



Well, in my case, it’s because the form factor is exactly the right size to fit on the tiny shelf next to my stereo system, and it’s plenty powerful enough to run Spotify/Pandora/iTunes, which is where 99.99% of my home music comes from. I don’t need it to do anything else at all.

For that use case I’d look at a bluetooth adaptor, so you could control that music from your phone or tablet

Is it true that the battery is guaranteed to last 45 minutes?

The answer is very simple - It can do everything that 95% of the population requires it to do as quickly as they need it to be done.

Most people buy (waste a lot of money on) way more computer than they could ever hope to need. While others don’t require their computers to be a status symbol.

The specs claim that the ram can be increased to 16GB

Pros: Shiping was SUPER fast

Cons: They don’t work, and I’m returning both units:

Unit #1 keyboard stopped working 15 minutes after setting it up. Mousepad works, but keyboard does not.

Unit #2 keyboard AND mouse failed after 13 minutes.

Bad luck or total crap?

Same here! This seller is NOT trustworthy. I also feel scammed! What a joke what I got was a HEAVILY USED computer with messages from previous users scratched into the lid!! Are you kidding me? The computer has scratches on the bezel and on the corners the silver paint is scratched off. This is a HEAVILY USED COMPUTER not a refurb. Nowhere in the ad did it say the computer was in B or C condition and I think this is a sham by the seller. Not trustworthy!! I am sending mine back!

My processor is crap and I’m sending mine back. Skips every 5 - 15 seconds, can’t watch a video or listen to a song. Same deal with scratches and such. This is in no way a refurbished computer. Just a used computer that was wiped.