HP 32" 32s HDMI/VGA 1080p LED IPS LCD Monitor

HP 32" 32s HDMI/VGA 1080p LED IPS LCD Monitor

An LED monitor with halogen lighting?

There are a lot of concerns on the mothership about this not being antiglare. is there anyway we can triple check that it is indeed antiglare and not a gloss panel? If so I’m in for 2

I’m not sure what they mean by “low-voltage halogen” but “low halogen” refers to the level of bromine, chlorine, and PVCs used in the manufacture of a product.

Edit - I believe it to be a typo. Amazon uses the same description, but the HP product data sheet says:

Energy efficient components such as mercury-free display backlighting, low
halogen design, arsenic-free display glass, and recyclable packaging help
achieve a EPEAT® Silver rating

HP Product Page - HP 32s Monitor (2UD96AA#ABA)

Moar Edit - AHA!!! In the same HP product data sheet further down in the detailed specs it says:

Low halogen • Low-voltage halogen design(3)

And then the (3) note states:

(3) Plastic parts incorporated into the chassis generally contain < 1000 ppm (0.1%) of bromine or chlorine. Printed circuit board and substrate laminates generally contain < 1500 ppm (0.15%) of total bromine and chlorine. Service parts after purchase may not be BFR/PVC-free. External accessories, including power supplies, power cords, and peripherals are not BFR/PVC-free. Arsenic and its compounds were not detected using U.S. EPA test methods 3052/6010b by ICP-AES with a Method Detection Limit of 10 ppm. Low-halogen except for adapter and cord.

So the “typo” originates in one line in the data sheet.

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What does “*VESA mount adapters not included” mean? I only see 2 holes on the back so I assume HP has a proprietary mount?

As far as I can tell, when new it included a VESA adapter that replaced the stand. The stand detaches and the VESA adapter inserts into the stand’s slot. These refurbs do not include that adapter.

I have not been able to locate the adapter online. There’s a post in HP’s Support Community where someone received the wrong adapter twice, and HP even sent them a replacement monitor which also had the wrong adapter.

Edit - The post includes a part number, but as the original poster said, that was the wrong part which they received multiple times.

No personal experience. Just helping out with Googling.

HP Support Page for the monitor. The User Guide has a section on wall mounting with a couple diagrams.

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Hi there. Sorry I couldn’t get the answer on the weekend. Per the vendor, it is anti-glare.

It’s for sale again here: