HP 32q Quad-HD Display

HP 32q Quad-HD Display

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I bought one…I like it a lot. I like 2k monitors for work. Anyway, the monitor itself is great. The base absolutely sucks. I’m keeping it but the two screws that attach this huge monitor are too small and the heads are soft making it hard to get tight, Oh the screws are are Allen wrench types

Received this monitor yesterday and it is amazing. As to the base screws mentioned in previous post, they are Allen (hex head) screws but they are metric (2.5mm). If you try to use an SAE Allen wrench for tightening you might have trouble - the closest size is 3/32” and it is just a little too small and slips.

Does it come with any kind of vesa adapter? Googling didn’t give good answers

Hello. No, it does not.

Mine came with something that looked like bracket. I don’t want to mislead you into thinking it’s a vesa bracket but it looks like a mount of some sort.

Can anyone tell me the PN/model number for this monitor?

I think it’s: 4WH45AA#ABA


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I purchased two of these, that bracket is a VESA (100 I think) mount and I have both of mine on VESA monitor stands without any problems. Both monitors came with the VESA bracket.

Does this come with a power adapter?

Yes, power cord is included.