HP 450 Intel Quad-Core 1TB Slim Desktop

I bought this computer and then my credit card turned it down since I have beed hacked a coule times and they wated to check with me. Mean while I was having a difficult time in your site due to glithes. I finally thought that I had bought this computer and then went to take an extended warranty out. then I started having problems there and exited the site after 45 minutes. I then checked my e-mail and Woot had sent me a e-mail telling the credit card was declined. I went into your site to buy another one and they were sold out. If i never had all the problems in the site I would have had a computer I feel that you should make up for this mess. One hour on your site aand 45 min. in the warrant site.


EDIT: I removed your email to protect your privacy.

Please email support@woot.com; CS can help get things figured out.