HP 590-A0010 AMD 1TB Desktop

HP 590-A0010 AMD 1TB Desktop

Can anyone comment on this computer? (Primarily about the CPU, I’m not knowledgeable about AMD CPUs) I’m looking for a starting point for a Fortnite “enthusiast”.

Hi, just found your question. The AMD cpu found in this particular computer is actually a laptop processor that is soldered onto the motherboard. It is not very powerful and would not be good for Fortnight.

For AMD I would suggest a Ryzen desktop cpu (Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 cpu). Desktop processors will be a bit more expensive but the Ryzen CPU’s from AMD are faster than the latest offerings from Intel.

I might suggest a system with a Ryzen 5 3600 (six cores, 12 threads) paired wit a good graphics card like the GTX 1050 TI or the GTX 1080 or better. However, if you are more budget conscious then look for the Ryzen 3200G or the 3400G both of which are desktop processors with a modestly potent graphics processor built in and are aimed at entry level and budget conscious gamers.

If you decide to use a Ryzen 3200G or 3400G then make sure to load up on RAM, about 12 - 16 GB because the on board graphics will borrow from the system RAM while a dedicated graphics card has its own RAM built onto the card.

For an Intel based system, a recent Core i5 system (Core i5 8XXX or 9XXX series) along with a dedicated graphics card like the 1050TI or 1080 or better will do just fine. The Core i5’s have built in graphics, too, but are usually just for office work, HTPC or everyday computing. They won’t hold up for gaming.

I hope this helps in some way.

Thank you for the knowledge, my finger was circling the checkout button until I read this. The whole laptop-CPU inside-a-desktop thing is what was confusing me the most about the system.