HP 600 G1 SFF Desktop + 21.5" Monitor Bundle

HP 600 G1 SFF Desktop + 21.5" Monitor Bundle

Decent commercial computer probably off-lease, would be good medium-level work, coding or student computer. Not for high-end gaming.

CPU is 4th gen i5 from 2013, 22nm so an older style, will use a bit more power (84W TDP) and run warmer than latest 14nm. 4 core, 4 thread. I.e. no hyper-threading.

Has 2 DisplayPort video outs which are commonly-used in business settings. Can be converted with cable to HDMI or DVI. Oddly the monitor it comes with doesn’t have DisplayPort so you need to use VGA (ugh!) or get a cable to convert to DVI. Or sell / donate tiny monitor and use with something better.

The pictures show 2 different computers. One says “EliteDesk” another says “ProDesk” What is actually being sold here?

It’s the ProDesk 600-G1 SFF. we’ll get the photos fixed.

Thanks! Also, the photos don’t show an optical drive, but the description does.

We use stock photos so go by the specs. :slight_smile:

Yes, “stock photos” are always better for dating apps too…


Was just about to pull the trigger as my betrothed needs a mid-range computeything but at the last minute noticed no wireless internet. Is that really true? Someone said this is a 2013 model? Sounds more like 2003.

Know it’s a bit late to answer this, but… yes, these small point-of-use computers intended for business usually did not have wireless. Corporate I.T. departments didn’t want wireless, or only released it where absolutely necessary for laptops and tablets. Wired Gigabit ethernet was faster and more reliable, and also a lot more secure. Keep in mind that $100 router that works in your house would be overwhelmed by 50-100 wireless clients all using it simultaneously. There are ways to handle this now, but as of this time, it was not considered practical or important to support wireless on computers that were inherently stuck in one place (often bolted to a stand, to the back of a monitor, on a shelf, etc). And still to this day wired is more reliable and more secure.

USB WiFi stick ($10-$40 depending on speed) solves the wireless need.