HP 6005 Pro AMD 160GB SATA Desktop

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HP 6005 Pro AMD 160GB SATA Desktop
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Check out this very helpful overview

CPU Benchmarks

Word to the wise on these - According to HP’s quickspecs on these they have AMD’s HD 4200 graphics. Although this machine should upgrade just fine to Windows 10, that graphics chipset does not have official driver support! Some people online have been able to fool Windows into using the driver for Windows 8, but I have had no such luck on an older HP system with the same graphics.

Other than that this is a decent little email/web browsing box for someone who already has a monitor and is either fine with staying on Windows 7 or wants to tackle the challenge of upgrading to Windows 10. Processor isn’t the best, but it’s decent, and if you’re handy you could upgrade it to one of it’s quad-core (or possibly six-core) Phenom II brethren.

And it does have an open PCIeX16 slot, so it could be upgraded with a relatively cheap graphics card that does have Win10 support. This would be a great little computer for someone who just needs a browsing/home computer and doesn’t play heavy-duty games.

I use one of these (with a larger hard drive, cheap HDMI video card, USB remote dongle, and tuner card) as a DVR. With Windows 7 Media Center, it works great for OTA recordings. Since Windows 10 doesn’t have Media Center anymore, I won’t be upgrading and will just keep Windows 7.

Anyone knows if that chip has virtualization support?

Or you could buy a Chromebook.

Any of you who are considering buying something like this for a computer illiterate person who just wants to use a computer for “simple stuff” (you know the type) should consider a Chromebook.

These people, and I have taught dozens and dozens of them, really don’t want to spend ten seconds to figure out file management.

They will foul up the computer within the week, get viruses, malware and all kinds of things…and then call YOU for help.

One person I know is the poster child for this kind of situation. Swore she never opened links in odd emails, etc. And had somewhere around 400 suspicious files on the machine. Many arrived right around the time her 10 year old grandkid came over from school and played online games on her PC.

Woot has plenty of Chromebooks.

I dual boot Linux and Windows… or did until my Windows drive died. Can I pull out the Win7 drive from this and put it into my Linux box to have a Windows drive again? Or is this fingerprinted to only run in this HP desktop.

Alternatively, could I pull out the CD tray and put in a Linux drive?

According to AMD it does…

AMD Virtualization™ (AMD-V™) Technology

Silicon feature-set enhancements designed to improve the performance, reliability, and security of both existing and future virtualization environments.

No. Unless it is identical mobo and such.

Reckoned as much. Thanks!

What’s not hardcore gaming. Like Warcraft portal of darkness vs GTA 5?

Been looking for something to run a Dedicate Plex server off of. I’d probably have to get another 4GB RAM and a 4TB drive to swap into this, but seems like it could be a cheap option.

Anybody know of something better?

I am looking for win7pro software license. Is this a good way to go? Buy this for the win7? I can then install my XP on this machine or even go with Linux and give this PC to my son for his robot development. Any thoughts?

Microsoft has something to help here.


Bought one to play games on low settings like: dawn of war, Starcaft 2 and LOL. I’m going to add ram and a graphics card. Anyone have any advice on things to upgrade to make it a better gaming device. Like I said, I don’t plan on playing anything on high, but I will drop a few bucks to make it a better machine.