HP 6005 Pro AMD 160GB SATA Desktop

Except that this doesn’t apply to OEM licenses. Wouldn’t the copy of Win7 on this machine be OEM and not a 'retail license"?

Exactly. OEM OS licenses are assigned to the computer, not the person. They can’t legally be moved to another computer.

Anyone still waiting to get their PC?
I still haven’t got mine. FedEx tracking just said “Label created” and "Anticipated ship date: Mon 9/14/2015 "
Other items I ordered from Woot a few days later is now on it’s way and will get here before, according to FedEx.

Good morning. As noted in the sale, this ships in 3-5 business days. It’s likely that it shipped Friday and just hasn’t been scanned in by FedEx. Give it until late tomorrow to see if it starts moving. If not, please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.

I just got mine, using it to write this right now. . .also trying to figure out why I’m getting beeps (I think RAM) Boops, no idea, and why it’s running slower than the 6 year old lap top I bought this to replace. twice the RAM, twice the CPU power. .and slower? head scratcher for sure, I was planning on more ram, but I’m at 80% usage just browsing with 4 tabs open.

I got mine but only has 2Gig of RAM in it? Anyone else have the same issue?

Mine is running slow also. The start up takes about 5 mins. I upgraded the graphics card to a amd 7450 and it works good enough for what I need. I was thinking it could be the usb wifi I was using making it slow, but it isn’t. I ordered more ram and I will see where I takes me from there. The front face of mine was pretty beat up also.

The 6005 that I received arrived as expected and true to specs. That, however, did not last too long as I did the following:

  1. Replaced HDD (WD 500GB, 7200 RPM)
  2. Upgraded RAM (Kingston HyperX, 4x4GB)
  3. Upgraded OS (Windows 10)
    Despite these mods the 6005 still takes a while to boot. Once booted and logged into Win10 the 6005 is decent.
    I’ve considered upgrading the video card, as others have, but its proved to be decent. Though an HDMI port is not present on this model a ‘DisplayPort’ is. I discovered that a ‘DisplayPort to HDMI’ cable is manufactured and decided to purchase it. The results were positively surprising.
    For the purposes of home office computing, web browsing, music streaming, I’d say that this 6005 has performed decently.