HP 6005 Pro Desktops

will these come with windows install media?

No, very few computers come with the restore media these days. You can make yourself a set via instructions from the manufacturer’s site or order a set from them in many cases.

Will this system come with a unique windows activation code to make it legal to re-install later if I need to?

Yes. Windows 7 has the authentication sticker with the activation code.

Windows 8 doesn’t use the sticker. The code is stored in BIOS. You can google this to get more info.

Man oh man. The newest Newegg reviews are abysmal. Bummer, I would have been in for one.

Any thoughts on using this as a basic home theater PC? I could add a USB 3.0 card for external storage speed, and possibly a cheap video card with HDMI output.

What is the memory configuration? How many slots are free?

We don’t have that information as it can vary from unit to unit within a lot. They will meet the specifications stated in the sale.

I’m running Kodi on mine - works like a charm! No need for a new video card, just get a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter!

I got mine Friday and fired it up tonight…

instead of Windows 7 Pro it has Windows 7 home premium,
and instead of a 500gb HDD it has a 70G.

I plan to call MBS Tuesday morning and see if we can just swap out HDD’s with the correct OS

incase anyone else needs it,
their contact info is listed under basic computer info:

Metro Business Systems
203-967-3435 x204

11 Largo Drive South
Stanford CT

I had ordered the mid spec machine for $129.99

looks like I got the low spec version instead (I think that one was $99)

Just to update…
The refurbisher was extremely gracious, and sent the correct size HDD with Win7 Pro installed, correct product code and a return shipping label to send the smaller Win7 Home HDD back to them.
Shipping was fast, HDD swap was simple and all is good now.