HP 6005 Pro Desktops

I bought this - it just arrived today and there is no RAM installed!! I’ve bought several refurbed PCs and other electronics in past with no issues, so this is a disappointment. We’ll see how their customer service is.

Anyone else any issues?

Oh man, sorry to hear that! Let us know how it goes.

Thanks. So far their customer service was quick to resolve my concerns. They gave me option to return it or just mail me the RAM. I just had them send me the RAM, so I’ll update after it arrives.

I just tried to fire up mine and had the same problem. No RAM in the box. It beeps 5 times, waits a moment, beeps 5 times, and repeats. Very disappointing. Now I have to wait a few days to get this resolved before I can put the machine to work.


I contacted Metro’s customer service and they offered to ship me the RAM that was needed. Initially they told me it would take 3 days just to process the shipment. I asked them if they could expedite the process so the package could get in the mail quickly so I would have the parts before the weekend. The had the package in the mail the next day and the RAM arrived on Friday.


Used the computer 3x since purchase when the motherboard failed. HP warranty dept said the warranty expired in may 2015, yet I didnt even receive the unit until July 2015.

That would be because your warranty is through Metro Business Systems, not HP. You can contact Metro by emailing: RefurbSupport@metropc.com