HP 6200 Pro Intel i5 Quad-Core MT Desktop

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HP 6200 Pro Intel i5 Quad-Core MT Desktop
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OK This looks like a good dealif it in fact has Windows 10 Professional installed with a valid license for 10Pro… but it says windows 10H further down… I want one if it’s Windows 10 pro 64 bit as stated in the specs… A little help here!!!

[MOD: Windows 10 Home. Specs have been updated to match title.]

Researching more… http://www.rakuten.com/prod/hp-6200-pro-intel-i5-quad-core-3300-mhz-500gig-serial-ata-4096mb-dvd/309295227.html?listingId=589640216&sclid=pla_google_Arrow-Direct&adid=29963&gclid=CjwKEAiAoaXFBRCNhautiPvnqzoSJABzHd6hSiASfDLDp-ie-UWI7mSDyXyaiPOhNHJ4VUUcNWqYUxoCFKHw_wcB

Or for the lazy (like me)…


Has anyone ever upgraded one of these? My wife is interested in this but I am not a lover of integrated graphics and as for 4GB - that will have to be added to!

Why are you wanting Win 10 Pro? Are you going to join to a domain, use group policy or RDP? If not there’s absolutely no reason for Pro–you’ll just have a bunch of useless services running for no reason.

upgrading memory is a snap, literally- anyone can do it- just make sure you get the right kind

I’d be looking to add a video card so my kids would lay off my machine. What do we know about the motherboard? Are all the PCI slots listed in the specs available?

WOW!! That’s a very interesting site.

It’s Windows 10 Home. I’ve corrected the specs.

Those disclaimers tho’.

No USB 3. How bad is that?

I have this exact same PC with a Zotac GTX-1050 ($100) and 8gb of ram installed. It plays all current games without a hiccup. The stock power supply is 320w and did not need upgrading.

Simple upgrade for a machine capable of near all modern gaming.
I have a similar machine. Put a gtx 1060 in it and 4 more gb of Ram. And it plays like a dream.

The motherboard and Power supply are proprietary so you cant upgrade the power supply nor find one that will have the correct plugs for the motherboard.