HP 6200 Pro Intel i7 1TB HDD SFF Desktop

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HP 6200 Pro Intel i7 1TB HDD SFF Desktop
Price: $349.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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HDMI out to TV?

Additional Processor Info

Looks like Displayport only. You can get a cable that will do the job for you though, so that’s not a show-stoper.


The 6200 series are at least a 6 years old model unless they upgraded the motherboards as part of the refurbishing process. I work for a bank and we had these upgraded to 8000, 8200 and 8300 systems. Seems to me to be too high a price as you only get 8gB ram, the upgrade-ability of the ram max is 16gB no USB 3.0 nor WiFi or Bluetooth. Not a deal in my book sorry Woot.

This is a second-gen Sandy Bridge i7, from January 2011 (5 years), where the current version is 6th gen. Intel HD 2000 video, max resolution of 2560x1600. Only USB 2.0, and presumably only SATA 3Gb.

Also, consider that 3 years is considered a computer’s useful life. This is 5 years old, and presumably heavily-used in business for those 5 years. “Refurb ished” means that it has been tested and that still works for now.

And the quality of refurbishment varies dramatically between companies. Some only make sure that the computer boots and little else - and most leave the half-inch of crud accumulation inside the case.

The processor was released the first quarter of 2011 making this 5 years old or slightly younger. There is no way that a refurbisher switched out the MB and processor. Despite its age the I7 in this has a respectable passmark of 7100. 8GB of RAM is plenty, I have 8GB of RAM in all my computers an barely ever see them go past 4GB on the resource widget, that includes running other programs while video rendering. The only time I could go above that was to run virtual OSs- not many people truly have a need to do that. You’re far better off getting an SSD than buying more RAM. As far as USB 3.0 goes, there is an open slot, slap a low profile card in there http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815124144&cm_re=low_profile_usb_3.0_pci-e_card--15-124-144--Product this one is $10.
Regarding the wifi and bluetooth you can either go the USB dongle or put in a card for those also. Personally I think this is about $60 too much for a woot. But it is pretty configurable. Not for serious gaming, because a high powered card would require a stronger power supply, but you could put a lower powered card in there and do some light to moderate gaming.

Performance-wise this I7 can still hold its own with a passmark 7100, so its “useful life” is fine with regards to performance. The motherboard appears to have sealed caps:

The power supply at 240 watts is a 90% efficient power supply, so it’s a good power supply that won’t put off a lot of heat.

I do think this is about $60 over-priced. I would doubt that most of the business environments that used this pc stressed it all that much because it’s not even configured with a discreet graphics card. This thing was probably running office apps, and possibly came from a hospital where it was running their core software. Nothing all that stressful. My best guess is that most of these should have at least 3 more years of life left.

This Core i7 is the same as in my full sized desktop. It still runs circles around many newer i3s and i5s. Granted the Intel graphics are a bit under-powered but they will still do full HD video without much trouble. You gotta remember, the i7s, for each incarnation, were real horses when it came to processing power.

As for the 8GB of memory, it’s more than enough for most light to moderate use. You can also turn off the virtual memory (uses HD space to supplement system memory), and never go beyond the 50-60% memory usage mark, even when running multiple apps (3 or 4). Virtual memory is actually what slows down most systems because access times to the HD are SO much slower than physical memory access. Windows, even when system memory isn’t fully used, reverts to placing parts of itself in virtual memory which, by default, slows overall system performance.

All-in-all, this is a rather good purchase. Granted if you can find the same internals on a less expensive unit, go for it. Otherwise, for word processing, Internet access (even video streaming), and up to video transcoding and light gaming, this is a good system.

This system will transcode a 2 hour video from DVD to MP4 in 20 minutes. That’s without assistance from a discreet video card. Also, unlike the i3 and some i5s, the i7 with 4 cores will use HT (HyperTreading) which causes the system to see 4 additional virtual cores. While HT doesn’t give you the performance gain of a true 8 core CPU, it (in some uses) still provides a performance boost over non-HT CPUs.

(Plus, if you’re running Linux, it’s kinda neat to see 8 penguins at the top of the screen when the OS boots.)

If I didn’t already have one with this CPU (and another with the 3rd gen i7), I’d probably jump on this. My only concern, as with any refurb, is the useful life of the HDD. But, they’re almost a dime-a-dozen, so even if you replace it, you’re still ahead of the game.

This would still make a great workhorse machine. I had to use a 2nd Gen i7 w/ 4GB RAM the other day when I left my main laptop at home. I honestly didn’t notice a different between it, and my current i7 w/ 16GB RAM.

The trick is INSTALL A SSD DRIVE! Nobody should have to use a computer in 2016 where the OS/Applications are installed on a HDD.

This doesn’t hold a candle to the HP Z220 Small Form Factor Business Workstation, Intel Xeon E3-1240 v2 Quad-Core 3.4GHz, 2TB SATA, 16GB DDR3, Win7Pro 64-Bit that I purchased on Woot for the same $349.99 price on Dec 30, 2015. http://computers.woot.com/offers/hp-z220-intel-xeon-2tb-sff-workstation-1