HP 6300 Pro Intel i5 Quad-Core SFF Desktop

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HP 6300 Pro Intel i5 Quad-Core SFF Desktop
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If I purchase this computer I will need to add another video card to it. Most of the PCIe cards require 300W power supplies. This computer has a 240W. Thoughts?

Specs do not exactly correspond with photo of back, which shows PS/2 connectors for keyboard and mouse.

You’re going to be very limited on the video card you can add to this as it’s a slim computer than can only take half-height cards.

Most half-height cards are low power and only use the 75Ws the PCI-E connector on the motherboard supplies without the need for the PCI-E power connectors.

The i5-3470 has a max TPU of 77W, though that’s a maximum usage that most processors don’t hit. So you are looking at 152W for the CPU and GPU. That gives you 88W of overhead for the disk drives, fans, etc which should be fine.

Depending on your budget, the MSI 1050 Ti comes in a low profile version, but costs ~$150. But it’s one of the most powerful cards in that form factor.

Looking at this for a home/home office computer. No gaming. Not looking to add or upgrade parts. I will use to download and view photos and videos from my DSLR and run web-based educational games (ABC Mouse) and YouTube. Working on an old refurbed Dell now and have filled the memory up so it’s being cranky. Would this be a good choice for a replacement? Was going to get an all in one to keep my desk looking better, but I’ve got a 22" monitor that works fine, so this would do.

It should work great. This has a 3rd Gen Ivybridge i5 in it. I purchased a similar computer for my father in law for Xmas and it runs great. I also built my father an Ivybridge i3 system three years ago that has been flawless.

There are only two things to think about with this machine.

  1. It only includes a standard HDD. SSDs are much quicker. It won’t make the machine unusable, but an SSD will feel like everything is smoother.

  2. This only has VGA and display port for video, no DVI. Your monitor very likely don’t have display port on it. A display port to DVI or HDI adapter is about $10. Get one instead of using VGA the digital signal is vastly superior to an analog signal.

Per the Computers Team: We don’t always call out PS/2 ports because they’re really just not that useful now that keyboards and mice are predominantly USB.

This desktop does have 2 PS/2 ports as the photo shows.

Does this PC have OpenGL 4.2 and Bluetooth? If not are both able to be installed in this PC?

Tnx in advance to all that chime in.

I’m guessing the integrated graphics support OpenGL 3.3 or something, not 4.2. And it almost certainly doesn’t have bluetooth. However, if you were to upgrade graphics card you could get 4.2 support (the aforementioned MSI 1050 Ti supports OpenGL 4.5).

Bluetooth is easy to add via USB port.

Thanks for the great discussion and hints. I’m looking at the box and adding the MSI card…checking billfold for $$$