HP 6555B 15" AMD Quad-Core 250GB Laptop

Hmmm…heading says quad-core, specs tab says dual-core…anyone know what’s what?

Buyers confirm quad-core is correct.

just be sure to look up the benchmark of quad core AMD’s in comparison to i3 and i5s of the intel dual cores… it’s about the same if not worse

Got mine yesterday. DOA. Screen doesn’t come on and unit shuts down after a few minutes. Only instructions that came with laptop were to charge for 8 hours before use and that’s what I did.

Oh man, sorry. Have you tried reaching out to Advanced Skyline Technology for warranty support? If not, I’d suggest going that route, first. These laptops have a 1yr warranty through them.

If you need any extra help along the way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Woot CS at support@woot.com; be sure to include your order info along with your situation.

It’s already being shipped back to woot. I usually don’t mind doing the Warranty bit, but when it arrives dead, I’d rather deal with the seller. Thanks!!