HP 65W Slim AC Adapter

This is a Bag or Case in what way??? Somebody assigning categories is either on heavy duty drugs, doesn’t speak english, or just plain doesn’t care!

For select HP laptops? Is there a list of HP laptops this would work with? I have a Folio 9480M, uses a 65W N17908 HP brick (using the 7.4mm tip), and I’d love to find out if this would work for it!

Ensure this will work with your laptop! I reached out to HP via their online chat, and they told me that this adapter will NOT work for my Folio (despite the correct wattage and tip size), and directed me to another adapter; the H6Y82AA. I don’t believe there would have been any way for me to know this other than asking an employee…

Did they tell you WHY it wouldn’t work? If they cant give you specifics, I wouldn’t take what they say as iron clad. I have one of the “90W HP smart chargers” offered here on woot and it’s worked on the latest Laptops, the Zbook (all flavors) and an old DV4 laptop just fine.

I’m using this with my HP dv6 with the 7.4mm tip, works fine, and the USB output is rated at 1.5A, a nice plus. If the voltage is right and the tip fits you should be fine. I just bought another one.