HP 6962 OfficeJet Pro All-in-One Printer

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HP 6962 OfficeJet Pro All-in-One Printer
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4.5 Stars over at Best Buy

I don’t have this exact model but I got a similar HP recently and I’m very impressed with the interface and usability. I’d figured I’d take this for granted in 2016 but the last couple of Canon AIOs I’d suffered through before this were extremely difficult to set up and use.

Have one…now our main business printer for over a year!

Use it, abuse it, ignore it, all day and night…darn thing just keeps going, and going.

B&W and Color is presentable, the multitude of features were easy to set-up and simple to use and easy on ink.

We have had Canon and Brother…now lawn ornaments

I have a printer very similar to this one. All the comments are very correct. I use it primarily as a scanner. It works very well as a scanner also. There is even a sheet feeder for scanning.

This is a fantastic buy in my estimation.

I can only find one review for the 6962, which states:
*“My OfficeJet 6962 cannot maintain its connection to my home wireless network. Each time I do a power-cycle, it connects successfully for 1-2 minutes then it loses the connection. I have a stable wireless network with other printer models connected successfully with no issues.” *http://www8.hp.com/ca/en/products/printers/product-detail.html?oid=9514857#!tab=rnr

The 6968 is on Amazon and has great reviews. It’s $90. https://www.amazon.com/HP-OfficeJet-Wireless-Printing-T0F28A/dp/B01FS2W6KG?th=1

An issue like that can usually easily be resolved by assigning the printer a static IP on the router.

I have had a similar one for years. I also have a much older photo printer from HP. Both have worked amazingly well, and without trouble. Be aware of the cost of replacement ink tho, since it’s pretty high for most printers today. You may want to a review of how much ink is consumed by various printers, since that will be the main cost of owning any printer.

A lot depends on what you use these for. For business use, maybe. For really high quality scans, perhaps a separate scanner. For a lot of printing, a color laser may end up being cheaper. My wife does a lot of pre-press PDFs and toner works better in the long run, price wise.

I agree that ink price is the major downer on these now-cheap inkjet printers with otherwise great functioning. I bought a perfectly usable Canon all-in-one (not as nice as this HP) for $30. The starter cartridges lasted a few weeks, and replacement black + color Canon ink is $40-50!! Stupid.

And printer manufacturers have caught on to ink refills now, programming the printers to “see” the cartridge as empty (even if you have manually refilled it) until you replace with the overpriced manufacturer-branded cartridges.

The issue with HP printers is the ink usage, and the multi-color cartridges. They tend to use the ink at a highr rate than other brands, and you are forced to buy expensive carts. If you run out of red for instance, you have to replace the cart and loose all the remaining ink in other colors.

I love this printer! I use for my business and use the HP autoship ink service and it’s great! Never have to worry about running out of ink or stock it only to find it’s dried out. Great printer for the price!

Few things in my entire life have caused me a tenth of the rage that my two HP printers have.

In my best Gump voice, “that’s all I got ta say about that.”

If this model is eligible for HP’s instant ink program you would be foolish not to get it. I have a model #5740 and pay $3.00 a month for cartridges. They send me cartridges when the printer tells them it needs them. Granted, I don’t do a lot of printing but you get a fair number of copies before you go over your limit. If you go over, it’s $1.00 extra for 15 more copies, I think. I never have to think about going out at night to get cartridges because it ran out in the middle of a project and color copies don’t cost extra.

According to this site it is not eligible:


The European Common Market has made legal or is about to ma it a requirement that Printer Manufacturers sell their Printers at the REAL price only BUT sell their Ink cartridges at the REAL.MUCH LOWER!!,prices!!-I can only hope it DOES happen,JohnH

According to the sales pitches (yes, multiple) I got while installing the software, it is…

I do like this printer but the description says it has 2 paper trays that hold up to 220. Mine only has 1 and it can not hold 220.

Also is says it can print 8.5 x 14 and I am not sure how it does that.