HP 8” Digital Photo Frame

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About 70 bucks or more elsewhere… great price!!!

Positive review on amazon

what’s the maximum number of pictures it can hold?

Decent res at 800x600. But does anyone have this frame? Like to hear from an actual owner.

Newegg info:


$69.99 at newegg but no customer reviews


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This frame is great i got one for christmas and love it. Decent price too!

I wish the corners of the frame were smooth like the frame borders. Why did they have to go and decorate it with flowers (I think) like that?

Here is an Amazon review


Depends on how much memory per photo. If they are 4 mb, around 30. If they are 8 mb, 15. You never want to reach full capacity.

A thing to note: This frame is 4:3 ratio!

This is the same ratio as most p&s digital cameras use, and it is still closer to 2:3 ratio that most SLR cameras use than the most common 16:9 ratio frames…

Now if you ask me - I don’t know why they even make these 16:9 frames. Yes, it looks cool, kind of like your HDTV, but you either view most of your pictures utilizing only part of the space, or you stretch them to give you some extra pounds in sensitive areas!

I bet this 8" frame has about as much useful surface as a 10" frame with that wide screen…

So if you need it for pictures from your digital camera - this is a better kind of frame to get!

Just my $0.02…

Just to make it clear - no comment as to whether PARTICULAR frame is a good buy. But it’s the right KIND of frame to get, and it’s a more rare kind than wide screen ones.

It has 128 MB internal memory… and accepts a plethora of memory card types… plus USB thumb drives. So, onboard, not many… but with the memory cards and such, many more.

please advise why shouldn’t reach full capacity?

It has an internal memory of 128mb which should hold about one thousand 800x600 jpg pictures. It allows for memory card expansion so the sky’s the limit as far as capacity. A 2gb sd card would give you 20,000 pictures at 100kb each!



Just before Christmas I got three of the Kodak EasyShare 8" digital frames with wireless. Those were 16:9 widescreen, but this HP is 4:3 standard aspect ratio with higher resolution. So far, pretty pleased with the Kodak and the wireless feature is cool.

I would jump all over this one for the price, but can’t get past the weird corner design…too bad.

Does anyone have an idea how much running this would cost me on my utility bill?

Is 400:1 contrast ratio a decent number?