HP 8” Digital Photo Frame

Looks like an iPad

Err… What’sw goin on?

I wish I had as many photos as woot has had digital picture frames in the last three days.

I’m not going to get a digital photo frame until I can afford to get 10 of them.

Got a lot of Wall to cover.

HP = quality stuff in my opinion. Getcha some!

This is such a great buy, everyone should get 3 real quick, while you can. Hurry, before they all sell out. Go… go… go… !!!

looks like they’re having trouble updating again

I bet you could play disk golf with this!

why!!! piece of shit !!!


Great price on these! HP has awesome quality!

Have one. Works great.

Strange lookin’ cat in that there frame.

oh good I missed out on the 10 others in the past 2 days

Dude, iPad much?

i don’t wanna hear anymore about the ipad >_<

that is the ugliest bezel i have ever seen

okay. that picture is adorable.