HP 8” Digital Photo Frame

I’d buy it just if it came with the baby hippo picture installed - but I bet it don’t :frowning:


CARP err i mean CRAPPO

Got 2!

another frame…

Digital Picture Frame: A solution in search of a problem.

they are neat to look at for awhile…but I’m not that into digital photo frames yet…

Looks like it’s day two of the woot off.

i really need a bag to put this carp in.

hint hint

I’ll gladly buy the baby hippo if it won’t grow anymore.

Ok, just one more woot and I am out of here. No bag, No me!

Last woot specified that you don’t get the ipod.

This one doesn’t specify. Clearly, it comes with a mama hippo and a baby hippo.

$5 shipping is awesome for that… but I don’t have room for hippos. Maybe I’ll buy the next frame they put up that comes that weird dreadlock dog or the girl with the pan on her head.

Where can I purchase this hippo?

I think this is another frame job by hippo liberation front!!

This is an awesome thing for graduations, weddings, showers. Load in the pictures and set for all to enjoy! Great gift as well!

oh hi, can i has boggy?

A reason not to bring my kids over to my parents’ house.

if it comes with the hippos then im sold!!!

wtf? i stayed up for this crap?