HP 8” Digital Photo Frame

If it motivates anybody, I got this here last time it was wooted. Really like it!

Picture quality is better than I had expected, the little remote makes navigating the controls easier than the buttons behind the frame, and even the fancy-schmancy frame design is not bad.

Worth the price, I’d say.

bought this frame at the last wootoff and the stupid thing only loads the bottom half of each picture. pos. i don’t want to ship it back to woot and i hear their customer service blows anyway, so i just have a fancy decoration now.

Good for your parents, load it up with photos of the grand kids climbing on scaffolding & give it to them.

Get a screen shot of an iPad off the web, save it as a JPG, put it on this 8" picture frame and casually leave it on a shelf in your office. Watch everyone go apesh*t.

Can someone help me out here - does the woot off bar start out totally yellow and then become more gray? I always thought the opposite, but it seems to start all yellow and is looking like the gray is moving from right to left as items are sold…or is it time to go to sleep?

Got this last month and I love it. Screen is great, works perfectly. I do have one complaint though. You can load music onto it and play it, and you can also use it as an alarm clock. You cannot, however, play music as the alarm for the alarm clock. And I have no idea why.

I thought the Cathronics one with the wood frame they had up last night looked nicer and it cost less too. Didn’t get either one though. Don’t need more stuff hanging on my walls.

lol u sir need sleep. but ur correct. yellow is what they have left.

For those wanting the hippo picture here it is:

Found the link at the bottom of the blurb. Enjoy!

so now everyone that said they would buy it if the photo came with it can :slight_smile:

FINE Woot! I’ll bid you adieu now, but you better have some GREAT cr4p for me tomorrow!

Is this compatible with my hippo cage?

nope not time to sleep, woot wants to torture us with another day :slight_smile:

If it helps any, I found their customer service great. Usually get a fast response, and had a no hassle return!

I have an idea why. And I love my wireless digiframe (Kokak W820) as it gets feed from one of my computers and usually has an active weather radar on it.

This is a great frame – really nice resolution, GOOD aspect ratio, beautiful rendition, handles beaucoup files – audio, video, photos – nice simple interface.

Not many frills, but sheesh, what it does, it does well – which is to display content in a visually attractive manner.

It’s a steal at this price.

Did you get that carp I sent ya?

since the woot off sucks: anybody else nostalgic and misses the old woot colors and website?

straight larious