HP 800-G2 Intel Core i5 Mini Desktops

HP 800-G2 Intel Core i5 Mini Desktops

I purchased one of these on Amazon about two weeks ago. It was about $10 more than Woot is selling them for. The first machine I received was DOA, but the refurbisher quickly replaced it with a new unit. Both of my machines looked like new without even a scratch on them.

This machine works great as a media computer. The Intel i5 quad core has plenty of power and you can easily add another 8GB SODDIM, making it 16GB’s of dual channel memory.

I then installed an Intel M.2 660P 2TB SSD in the PCIE slot for all of my media files. It installed and worked perfectly. I did put a heat sink on the drive as it gets quite hot.

The CPU is only 35watts TDP so the fan never really runs making it very quiet for serving music and videos.

Highly recommended as a general business or media computer. What I like about these units is you can replace most parts in it. You can go up to an i7 processor, but then you start generating heat, which will make the fan run more often. I prefer the i5 as it runs very cool.