HP 800-G3 256GB Mini Desktop

HP 800-G3 256GB Mini Desktop

Spec on the HDD in title and description are different. What hard drive comes with this? thanks

I paid a crapload more about two years ago for my HP 800-G3 (almost twice as much). Mine was new, but only i5 chip. I have a 1TB drive instead of the SSD. I also bought the Optane memory which I do not see mentioned here, and which pushed up the price. Still, I think the i7, 7700 chip setup here looks like a steal at this price.

It comes with a 256 SSD

Wow, a system I know by heart!

I have about 800+ of these in production. They are little tanks IMO. All the ones I have are i5 and the SSD is your standard 2.5" drive. It will take an M.2 but I think you have to remove the 2.5’ caddy