HP 800-G4 Intel i7 512GB SFF Desktop

HP 800-G4 Intel i7 512GB SFF Desktop


good CPU, nothing else in this build has ANY value. The PSU and motherboard are proprietary and cannot be interchanged. The PSU has no external power for a GPU so there are like 3 low profile/low power GPUs you can put in here. I just bought the dell version of this(I paid nothing) and these are good for what they are made for originally… office work not gaming, not video editing.


I wonder if the refurbisher actually removed the optical drive, or if some of them have it and it is just a bonus if you get one. I am a doctor and use my older HP with a CD drive to view chest x-rays taken at urgent care offices fairly often. I do not do any gaming or video editing.

Hi there. It’s a stock photo. Optical drive is not included.