HP 8200 Elite Intel 250GB SFF Desktop

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HP 8200 Elite Intel 250GB SFF Desktop
Price: $89.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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I have an 8GB DDR3 module. Will that work in this machine?

I should add that most Core 2 Duos can be swapped for Core 2 Quads. I believe this is the socket this uses. I dunno, I’ve been drinking though and I’m too lazy to go in depth.

It says this supports up to 16GB.

These aren’t Core2Duos (those are socket 775). These are Pentium G850 CPUs (which are socket 1155 - http://ark.intel.com/products/53491/Intel-Pentium-Processor-G850-3M-Cache-2_90-GHz ). You COULD get an i5-2400s CPU, if you wanted the upgrade.

That said, last time Woot had these, I got burned BAD when they sent a machine with the absolute wrong specs (it was supposed to be an i7 with a 500GB drive; got an i5 with a 320GB drive and one of the 2GB SO-DIMMs (yes, they use laptop RAM) was bad.

So what the heck is this Pentium G850? Is it better or worse than a Core 2 Duo?

Is it slower than a Core i5?

When I bought a similar HP and a laptop, I received 2 of the HPs instead… After I pointed this out (to the company that sells and ships them, not to Woot) they emailed a return shipping label and eventually sent me the laptop.

Did they not do that for you, or did you never say anything?

Oh the HP also had the 32-bit version of Win7 instead of the promised 64-bit, for which they sent me a Win7 install disk.

When the laptop finally came, it also didn’t have the right optical drive in it, but I was good with it anyway (and tired of this whole thing dragging on) so I didn’t bring that up.

Note: I checked and that was a different company. Either way, if you don’t receive what was promised, I think you should take action.

I purchased a similar desktop from another site that deals with “fresh” eggs and got a pretty good deal out of it. I had the i5 2500, 8GB of ram, and a 500 GB hard drive. Its highly likely that these are coming from a different refurbisher, but the hardware on these are pretty solid. My machine works well for an office machine and it was a very smooth upgrade to Windows 10 Pro. I chose the keep nothing option, and low and behold completely clean windows. The desktop has a bit of noise as I have it sitting on top of my desk, but works great for a web browser / office type machine. What I have has higher specs so take that for what its worth, but I WOULD consider purchasing it with my experience. Best thing here is you essentially get a free upgrade to Win 10 Pro for the price.

Looking at the specs, it’s an o.k. computer. It isn’t super fast. It doesn’t have a lot of RAM. Honestly, not even a step sideways for me with what I have now. But you get what you pay for and the price is good for starting out or for Grams to use Facebook or solitaire. It won’t fit my needs for high end online gaming so it’s a no go for me.

Is there an expansion slot for a low profile graphics card?

I have the older Pentium 4 version of this model with a Sata HDD and 4 gigs of ram and this is a FANTASTIC price for a great little work horse computer. Mine just got a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate and it boots in less than a minute. This is just our office PC for the moment but it has easily streamed HD video to our old 48" TV and would work well for a media server (Plex, XBMC, etc.), FTP machine, home defense video dvr or even a low level home theater PC to turn your non smart tv into something you can browse the internet on, watch Netflix, listen to music, etc. Toss a $30 SSD and a $50 video card in this and you have yourself a pretty useful little machine.

A word to the wise, they do tend to get dirty easily (small computer, minimal air flow, small vents) and have the potential for overheating, especially if enclosed in an entertainment center or something like that.

I can’t be sure without taking a look at the innards, but there are generally at least 2 PCI slots and many of these small form factor business models also come with PCI expansion risers which allow for full sized peripheral cards.

Short answer: most likely, yes.

Would this work for a 9yo who would use it exclusively for playing Minecraft? and possibly the occasional youtube video?


Here is a C-Net spec sheet on what seems to be this model: http://www.cnet.com/products/hp-compaq-8200-elite-p-g850-2-9-ghz-monitor-none-series/specs/

This would make a fantastic Ubuntu Gnome 15.10 desktop…and with 16GB RAM…great! I’d probably put a 500GB SSD in it, too, but cheap and easy…

I assume the Windows 7 Pro license has to stay with this hardware? The Pro license alone is worth more than the cost of this desktop.

I have this question, too.
Maybe I can buy it and NOT activate it, and use the license on another PC (a laptop). What do you think>?