HP 8200 Elite Intel Core i5 SFF Desktop

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HP 8200 Elite Intel Core i5 SFF Desktop
Price: $299.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, May 04 to Monday, May 09) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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CPU Benchmarks

why are the guys who posted about this deal the last time it was for sale earlier this month trash talking it ? LOoks to be an amazing deal to me. I guess the lack of a graphics card may be limiting… can anyone say if an affordable SFF graphics card installation is possible?

I bought this model machine from a site that sells eggs. I got a REALLY good deal on black friday, so I have something similar spec’d out. I put this video card in it ASUS Radeon R7 240. I couldn’t find much on message boards about upgrades without doing a power supply, but I came across a single post pointing out the Radeon R7. It works very nice. Happy I have it. FWIW its been a nice little desktop. For $300 I think its a decent price, but I would consider upgrading to a SSD and video card. That puts the price up more towards $400+.

very interesting. is there also space to add an SSD with the R7?

Yeah there is a free bay available below the CD/DVD spot. I put in an SSD and a larger storage spot but now I’m maxed out on power. Fast OS and lots of storage for me.

For the video card you will have to use a low profile bracket, but that ASUS I mentioned comes with a bracket.

FWIW this case is really nice to work on. Its tool-less for the most part and has hinges where you can move things around.

I’m also running Win10 pro so factor that in. I can’t say that any of the hardware mods I have will work with Win7.

I have an old program that won’t install on a new win10 machine. It will install on win8. I’d like to buy a computer that I can install my software and later upgrade to win10. My concern is being able to (at an even later point) put a more modern motherboard/CPU in an HP chassis that might be for a proprietary mobo. Does anybody have any info on how standard the mobo is?
(the new version of the s/w is +$500)

Does the HP 8200 Elite support Miracast?


12am is such a funny time. You never know if it refers to the morning or the night of that day.

The coupon ended 4/30 12am instead 5/1 12am. I’m working on getting this fixed.

No worries, we will pull all orders that should have had the coupon applied and do so.

UPDATE: It’s working now.

If you have Win7 or 8 install discs you might want to instead look at VirtualBox. It’s free, runs like a champ and is how I run all my legacy stuff on Win10Pro x64. Even 16 bitters from the WFW3.11 days work on XP in VirtualBox.

Anyone have experience with Metro Business Systems Warranty? Give me the good, bad and the ugly please!

Notebook-class hard and optical drives, not expandable, no HDMI, no USB3. Only room for an MXM graphics card.

The proprietary power supply means that the only thing of value in the box are the CPU and RAM. As such, these go for a fraction of what they are asking for here on eBay.

ark.intel.com says the i5-2400s does not support Intel Wireless Display. Even if the CPU did support Intel Wireless Display (WiDi), you’d have to round up an Intel Wireless (WiDi) Display-compatible wireless network adapter. Not all dual-band wireless-N network adapters satisfy or have implementations of Intel WiDi/Miracast requirements. For instance, Microsoft chose not support WiDi on the Surface RT although the nVidia Tegra3 CPU and network adapter technically meet the minimum hardware requirements for Miracast.

Nothing, I can tell, prohibits you from using a third-party solution, like an ActionTec Screenbeam USB adapter, but as it sells presently, no, it doesn’t support Miracast.

ebay has a bunch of cheap SFF graphics cards, there’s some for sale now for $20…

Look up Radeon HD 6450

I looked into that card and it wasn’t a great increase. My system came with the 6350 and the 6450 wasn’t a huge boost. It was minimal at best. Just keep it in mind. Both of those would have been sufficient for multiple displays and normal office stuff, but if you do any sort of gaming not good. I have been playing Starcraft 2 on the system. Its an older game so nothing heavy, but that 6350 couldn’t do much more than medium settings.

I have several of these 8002 and 6005 machines with various processors. Built like tanks, they last. I’ve had zero problems with mine. Yes, you have to be careful not to overload the power supply, but there are some low-profile cards that can be used for video and sound without overloading it. I found some ASUS video and sound cards on Amazon with low power draw that work fine.

They have an extra hard drive bay. I have converted some of mine to SSD’s and they work great. SSD’s will save you a few watts too, because there’s no motor to spin.

Regarding applications…if you install them before upgrading to Windows 10, Windows will usually configure them to work with 10. I’ve successfully done that several times.

Bought one of these and while it is probably a good deal I’ve got issues.

Win7 didn’t finish it’s initial bootup properly, so wouldn’t allow updates No biggy do a restore. Doesn’t load any of the drivers, send me searching for the correct ones online. Wrong NIC driver after having to download it from another PC.

Wipe primary partition (not system) to install stand alone Win10. Invalid COA.

Go back to do a recovery. Error 0. Won’t install the recovery. I haven’t gotten it to work yet, but this has been a nightmare.

Glad I didn’t just send it to my grandmother before booting it up.

I’m very sorry for the problems. This has a one year warranty with the refurbishing company. They should be able to help you sort things out.


If not, please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.